Monday, 4 May 2015

Weekly Incoming Postcards!

So for a couple of weeks now I have been receiving beautiful postcards, from postcard swaps I have done with people. I did postcards swapping a LOT about a year ago, but I stopped for a while as other things took over, work got busier so I had other priorities. 
But I recently realised how much I missed having those little bits of happiness coming through my door!
I thought I would share this weeks incoming postcards with you guys!

As you can most probably tell, I tend to pick out fun/bright/cartoon/illustrated postcards when searching for swaps! I know some people like map postcards, others like views from other peoples hometowns. But I like the ones which are fun, and bright!

Of course the stamps are also the other beautiful part about postcard swapping! We don't get many 'pretty' stamps here in the UK, I try my best to search them out, and tend to hoard them for such times like this! But one of the main things I love about swapping postcards is you never know what stamps you will receive, it's like an extra little surprise when you turn it over to read.

These Incoming postcard blogposts won't be gigantically long, but they are too pretty to not share.
If you like snailmail but aren't so into the commitment of penpalling, then postcard swapping might be worth a shot! These were all one of swaps I did with people.

- Daisy X


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