Thursday, 4 June 2015

Bullet Point, Planner List, Stickers! FREE PRINTABLE!

Yesterday my A4 stickers sheets arrived from eBay (I will leave them linked at the bottom of this blogpost!), and once I'd got some work done I gave myself some time to mess around on Pages, to see what planner stickers I could create. I ended up putting together some dinky little lists, and thought I would share them with you guys. There's x18, four bullet point lists, and x6, five bullet point lists on one page. You can download the PDF, by following the link below:


Follow the Instructions below to print & cut:

1. Download the PDF from the above link.

2. Open it up on your computer.

3. Choose whether you want to print on plain paper (then cut and glue them into your planner) or if you want to print them straight onto A4 sticker paper (so once cut, you just have to peel and stick).

4. I always print a draft on a piece of paper before using my sticker sheets, to double check the print settings are all okay! This way I won't waste a sticker sheet if something goes wrong.

5. Load you printer with the paper of choice. (Remember if you are using an A4 sticker sheet, make sure it's the right way up, I have to load mine upside down so it prints on the right side. I know some printers may be different though.)

6. Print the PDF onto your chosen paper.

7. I then use a guillotine to cut out my little lists. But you can use scissors or any other kind of paper trimmer.

8. You're done! I keep mine in my planner pouch, inside a little brown envelope so they don't get lost in the big pockets! I stuck one of the stickers on the front of the envelope so I know what's inside:

Click here for the seller on ebay, who I bought my A4 sticker sheets from.
Obviously they are a UK seller. I wouldn't know any non UK places to buy them from, but they shouldn't be that difficult to come across. Just make sure you buy MATT sheets, this way you will be able to write on them easily without any smudging!

These should fit in any sized planner, I made them for an A5 sized planner originally, but I have tried them out in others, and they work perfectly fine!

I hope you are all having a lovely day!
- Daisy X


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