Sunday, 28 June 2015

How I will be using my Planner, as a Journal!

Before I saw Anna (MrsBrimbles) post about stocking the and Kate Spade planners in her shop, I had never heard or seen of either in this style ever before!
I looked through the photos she shared and fell in love with the large floral one! The colours, the style, the quirky things inside. It was like it was just made for me, I had to have it.

Seeing as it was a planner, and I already had a ton of planners, I was reluctant to buy one straight away. Plus I had just paid a ton of work expenses so I couldn't just fling my money about.
It is a beautiful planner and I wasn't sure if it would make sense using it for it's intended purpose (planning). Because my planners are used as tools rather than a main creative outlet, I felt like it would be a waste.

Then I sat and had a think, and figured I could use it as a journal. I wouldn't feel bad about making it pretty, because I would be keeping it forever.
It was definitely big enough to sum up my day, or even to print off a little photo to stick in there. It made a lot of sense, as I had a variety of different journals but I was using them all slightly differently to how I was thinking of using this one.

The monthly pages are the ones I will most likely struggle with using. I was debating whether to get my hands on some of the 'Emoji Stickers' you can find online and using one to sum up each day, or even doing a doodle a day! I'm not sure yet but I'm sure I will figure it out. Maybe I'll even do both, OR something new each month!

Some of the fun and quirky things the planner has inside is a pocket page, so there's a pocket on either side of the page. I will be using this to store any fun stickers or other flat supplies that I hope to use in this beautiful planner. Plus it will come in handy if I pick up any little mementos from the day that I want to include, but don't want to loose!

Also the super fun artwork and quotes throughout are just beautiful! They are all so colourful and fun, and it is one of those planners that really makes you smile when you look through it, and this is how it is when it's empty! Imagine how awesome it will be when I fill it with daily memories and fun times!

I hope you enjoyed having a nosey! I can't wait to share the progress I make in this journal, with you guys, I can't start using it until at least the very end of July, which is annoying but at the same time I'm excited!

- Daisy X


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