Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Incoming Swapbot Swap! #1

Today I thought I would share one of the Swapbot swaps I received a few weeks ago!
I've really enjoyed taking part in swaps recently, it can become quite addictive. Especially with how much variety there is on Swapbot!
This swap was a Postcard Shuffle. So your swap partner sends you 5 postcards, you can either keep them all, or keep the ones you like and send the others onto someone else in another Postcard Shuffle swap! I'm pretty sure the same person runs the Postcard Shuffles on a regular basis.

The swap partner I had, sent me some extra goodies! It was SO sweet of them, as it wasn't part of the swap criteria. These little bits and pieces are perfect for Smashbooking, as they don't really have a specific purpose, but they are too cute not to keep! 

I absolutely LOVE the monopoly themed card they sent they extra little goodies in. I love any sort of bright, quirky print! Overall I was extremely chuffed with everything I received in this swap, and I will most definitely be taking part in future Postcard Shuffles!

I have a couple of Swapbot blogpost's planned, as some swaps aren't quite big enough to make a video out of, but they are too sweet not to share with you guys. So keep an eye out!

- Daisy X


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