Thursday, 23 July 2015


Today I have another beautiful package of goodies to share with you all, this time it is from a shop called Anke Panke!
Talk about snazzy packaging ay?! I absolutely love this mailing bag, it’s sooo shiny!
Something I always appreciate with companies is the way they package their products. 
Little touches like the ‘FUN MAIL!’ sticker just makes me smile, and if I’m smiling before I’ve even opened it, then first impressions have gone well!

When I came across Ankepanke on Etsy, I fell in love with her adorable designs and products! I found that she had a website and I just had to get in touch.
The stamp sets I chose, I had just one thing in mind to use them for, journaling!
We've all seen those emoji stamps that are about (I'm yet to get my hands on some), but what's better than summing your day up with an emoji stamp? A CAT EXPRESSION STAMP THAT'S WHAT!
How adorable are they?!

I hoped these Kitty stamps would fit in my planner, in the monthly section, and they do! They fit in them perfectly. I was on the fence as to how to use those monthly pages, but now I can just sum up each day with a Cat expression! I'll also decorate the pages with the usual washi and stickers, but I'm so glad I have something fun to use these pages for now!

One of the extras Anke sent in the package were these brilliant Chalkboard word stickers! I absolutely love them they will be perfect to caption photos in my scrapbook, or even on the bottom of polaroid photos, they are such a great size. Another little detail which was just adorable was the piece of card that was in the package to make sure everything stayed flat, it had this little illustration on. Little touches like this that really make me smile!

The other stamp set I received was the Tape Stamp Set, I was super excited to play around with this, I could think of so many uses for it! I especially like the idea of using a lighter coloured ink to stamp them with, then stamping a fun word stamp on top in black ink!
I really loved the variety of patterns there is in a pack, and also the mixture of 'lighter' stamps (like the 5th one down on the left hand side) and 'darker' stamps (like the 6th one down on the left hand side) there is.

They also sit in the monthly sections in my planner absolutely perfectly. If you are wondering the boxes in the planner are 42mm wide, the Tape stamps are 36mm wide. I can highly recommend the Tape stamps for any planners out there, to fill in gaps decoratively or highlighting things (using a light colour ink so the text would show up obviously haha). 

Of course I had to try them out, and I have to say I'm REALLY impressed. Acrylic stamps can be rubbish quality (they might not stick to the block, or they're too squishy), but these one are proper quality! They aren't too squishy, and I really enjoyed using them.
I think my coloured ink pads need a bit of TLC though, as the Tape stamps didn't come out as well in the colours, but I tried them with the black and they were perfect!

Anke also sent me a couple of her postcards, which again are just as beautifully designed as the rest of her products! I'm going to have to keep the pink one which says 'have an awesome day!', to display on my future studio room when I eventually move out!

Overall, I think Anke's shop is absolutely beautiful, and the prices are very reasonable!
She is based in the Netherlands but of course ships to the UK.

I will link all the products I was sent below:

Kitty Stamps (€9/£6.25)
Tape Stamps (€9/£6.25)
Chalkboard Word Stickers (€3/£2.08)
Awesome Day Postcard (€1/£0.69)
Cake Postcard (€0.50/£0.35)

To give you an idea of how brilliantly reasonable the prices are (especially considering you would be purchasing from a shop outside of the UK)

If you were to order all the products linked above, it works out at around £22.21 for the items, tax and shipping to the UK!

If you were to order just one of the stamp sets, it works out at around £8.64 for the items, tax and shipping to the UK!
(Prices are approx, I used the google currency converter to roughly work them out)

I can assure you that these stamp sets are amazing quality and well worth the money, plus you would be getting a very unique design. Anke's shop is completely beautiful, so even if the above items don't interest you, she has a wide range available so you might find yourself a gem.

Ankepanke UK site

I hope you've enjoyed having a read, I love being able to share beautiful shops like this with you guys. Anke is absolutely lovely and she also has an Instagram which you should definitely check out here!

-Daisy X

*Please note, even though these products were sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.