Thursday, 30 July 2015

Lady Bug On A Pug!

When it comes to paperclips, I'm very picky. Especially with ones which I want to use in my planner, I see the big 'fun' kinds all over Instagram with adorable designs, but a majority of them have been made from card, and I've always been very apprehensive about them mainly because I'm scared I'd damage them etc. 
When I came across Lady Bug On A Pug, and saw that she was making them from GLITTER vinyl (Yep, not just Vinyl, but GLITTERY VINYL :D ), I had to get in touch.
They came packaged in some tissue paper and a pink mail bag, they travelled all the way from the USA to the UK and arrived completely undamaged.

I searched Jamie's shop and fell in love with so many, but narrowed it down to these three.
I chose a little Doughnut (Or Donut ... I still haven't a clue which spelling to use haha), a Flamingo, and a Bow. I thought the Bow would be handy if I had a more 'official' planner setup for work, and didn't want it to look too 'cutesy'. But I couldn't not chose a couple of cutesy ones!

The back of the vinyl is felt, the paperclip is glue in there and is incredibly sturdy! I think these are the most durable cute paper clips I've come across, and I also still can't get over how beautifully glittery they are!

I was able to choose the colour of the vinyl, thread, and paper clip, that was used on all of the ones I chose, which I think is great especially if you are choose one to go with a particular planner! (As you can see, this cute Doughnut one goes with my pink Finsbury Filofax perfectly!)

Jamie has a massive range of paper clips available, and there's also a ton of colours to choose from. She was lovely to talk to and one of those completely down to earth shop owners, which is always great if you have a query. 

Prices range from £1.97 up to £2.80 per clip. Though a majority are around the £2.47/£2.63 mark.
P&P to the UK is £3.95 for one paper clip, then around 6 or 7p is added for every other paper clip you buy.

Obviously you are purchasing from outside of the UK, so P&P will be more expensive, but I feel like for the quality of clip you get, they are less likely to get damaged and will last a lot longer. Which is why I would definitely be able to justify spending that sort of P&P.

You can find links below to Lady Bug On A Pug's shop & social media!

I hope you enjoyed reading! Have a great day! - Daisy X

*Please note, even though these products were sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.



  1. Awww the doughnut with a face is adorable =]

  2. Oooh these are lovely, I have had the same concerns in the past so not bought any before, might give these ones a go!

    1. There's so many designs to choose from, so good luck with the choosing process haha!! :P