Friday, 17 July 2015

Pipsticks Sticker Subscription!

I love finding new companies/shops that I’ve not heard of before, so when Pipsticks got in touch and asked if I wanted to review one of their Pro Packs, I took a look and decided it would most definitely be something I would like to review! (Stickers, yesyesyesyes!)
Can we just stop and talk about the packaging first please?! So the sticker goodness was all inside a translucent envelope (made out of tracing paper material, with their own design printed on it!), then to help protect it, it was put inside a plastic sleeve. I’ve never seen packaging like this before and I absolutely LOVE it!

So I know what you are thinking, ‘What is Pipsticks? What’s a Pro Pack?’
Well Pipsticks is a sticker subscription service (YES, STICKERS COME RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR, EVERY MONTH!). They offer different packs for different age ranges, their pro pack is aimed at the older sticker lovers. If you have any kids, they also offer a one for younger sticker lovers, so that might be something to look into! (I’m sure it’d prevent them from stealing all yours too)

The lovely people over at Pipsticks source stickers from loads and loads of different designers/brands/suppliers, and put together subscription packs. I did recognise a few from the pack, but that's because I've come across many different stickers in my sticker loving life.
Above is all of the stickers I received in the pack!

Instead of buying a pack of stickers and only liking a few of them, or trying to use them all up on different projects, Pipsticks gives you the opportunity to get a bigger variety, but in smaller quantities. I think it’s a brilliant idea, and for any Smashbookers, Planners, or creative journalers, I personally think it would be perfect because lets face it, when you’ve used a few stickers from one sheet, you want to move onto another sheet and mix it up a bit!

There's a mixture of puffy stickers and flat stickers, you don't know what you will receive, (though the Pipsticks Instagram shares many beautiful photos of their sticker sourcing travels) it's a massive surprise. I know some people aren't a fan of surprise bundles, but honestly with stickers, you can't really go wrong right? Considering there's so many projects you can use them on, you are bound to find a use for them somewhere. If not, then you could always swap with friends or do what I usually do with stickers I haven't used, keep them for swapbot swaps and snailmail!

Also, #stamplove !! I couldn’t not include a photo of these beautiful stamps, because here in the UK we seriously lack in pretty stamps! 

Pro Pack Prices are as followed:
One off monthly payments of:
$15 per month and free P&P to the US, or $3 shipping internationally
(Converts roughly to £9.61 + £1.92 shipping to the UK)


You can subscribe up front for longer, and save money:
$80 for 6 months and free P&P to the US, or $3 shipping per month internationally
(Converts roughly to £51.27 up front + £1.92 shipping to the UK per month)

There's also an option to subscribe for 12 months, you can find more information on all the subscription options here!

You lucky ducks can also get 15% off any order too! Just use the discount code: GREEN15

There were also a few other little things included in the bundle, a postcard which you can design/doodle on the front, and a really sweet quote card which I absolutely love!

Below is a photo of the full contents of the bundle! 

Overall I think this bundle is definitely worth the money. The variety you get and the work that's gone into the packaging is definitely worth the money! Even though it is a US company, I think the shipping is very reasonable, and it arrived in great condition (I'm always worried about things getting damaged when they have been shipped from overseas). So for your UK folk, this might be a good one for you! Of course any US folk, definitely go for it! Free shipping?! Win win for you guys.

I'm planning to use a lot of them in my creative journaling, as they are the perfect sizes, and the bigger ones would work brilliantly in my smashbooks, so I'm not worried at all about them not getting used!

Again don't forget to use the code GREEN15 for 15% off your order! I hope you guys liked having a nosey at what I received in this awesome little package!

Have a lovely day! - Daisy X

*Please note, even though these products were sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.



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  2. Thanks a lot for a tip, I´ve already ordered a pack as well :D