Sunday, 19 July 2015

Smash Book Sunday! | 1 |

So this is a new blogpost I'm hoping to share on a weekly basis!
Seeing as I don't do the voiceovers on my Smash Book videos anymore (I'm not sure if I'll ever go back to it, I enjoy doing them a lot more this way), I have had a lot of people say that they miss hearing my thought process and also what everything is on the page. 
SO I thought why not snap some photos and share them on here!
I will be sure to go back through my older Smash Book as well, and talk through some of those pages.

This Smash Book page I actually never filmed or shared on my YouTube channel. When I put it together, I didn't want to set up all my filming stuff, I just wanted to create. So I did! It's all slightly random, but hey! My Smash Book pages are rarely not random!

The stamps and section of an envelope are from one of my penpals. I could have peeled the stamps off and added them to the page, but it would have ruined the hand stamped, stamps.
It wasn't wide enough to fit on the whole width of the page, which is why I added the little 'Simply Grand!' (I think that was from a Smash tab set? Or from a penpal aha) tab in that corner.
There's then two tags from two toys my boyfriend bought me on the left hand side.
Also there's an empty stamp book there, which I added a couple of strips of washi tape to, and folded them over so they act like a little tab to open it.

Inside there's just a little sticker which came either from a penpal or an order I made, I can't quite remember as I got it so long ago now! I added from washi behind it to help with layering, and I also left the orange tissue paper hanging out below, so it can overlap onto the brown envelope. This helped to make the page 'flow' so everything on the page merges into one another and helps to make it look good as a whole.

This little brown envelope was a spare one, I think I'd used the notecard/card that came with it, and I just had it in my envelope box (yep I have one of those hahah #stationeryoverload), so I thought I'd use it so I could fit more on the page.
The pens sticker was from a pack of Target pens (the first ones I had ever owned) that my old penpal got me! It was a cute sticker and I wanted to keep it. Seeing as it was stuck onto brown card, gluing it straight onto a brown envelope would have been silly. So to help to stand out, I added a few strips of trusty washi tape behind it.
The little 'Thank you' die cut was from another penpal. I just thought it looked cute there, and seeing as the pen sticker, and what is in the envelope, were both from gifts it kinda wasn't completely random.
I added a little black flower brad to the envelope before sticking it down, this is so I could tuck the envelope opening in there so it would stay shut.

Inside the envelope I just put one of the butterfly tags I got on a present from a secret santa swap I did back in December. The person who sent me a present had these little tags on all the presents, I didn't keep them all but I wanted to keep at least one! So this was the perfect place to pop it, to keep it safe!

This 'Bits 'n' Bobs' label was from a penpal, they had sent me some fun little goodies, one of them being a cool bird paper clip ;) ! I loved the shape of the little label and didn't want to get rid of it, which is why it's ended up in my Smash Book! Seeing as I stuck it in here, there's no longer a cool bird paper clip where the arrow is pointing, so where the arrow points I put the word 'nope' using my label style alphabet stickers.
I put some little orange bunting below that just to fill in some empty space.

So that's how that page got put together! I hope you liked finding out a little more about this Smash Book page. I will hopefully be sharing one every Sunday (hence Smash Book Sundays!), so keep an eye out for those!

Have a lovely Sunday! - Daisy X


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