Thursday, 6 August 2015

First week in my planner! (Journal)

So this is new, and I like it!! I had an idea of how I wanted to use and this planner as a journal and how I wanted it to be very random and kinda, here there and everywhere. But like most things crafty/creative, it never turns out quite how you imagined. So far I'm very much enjoying this process, and the outcome!
I know I sometimes get behind with daily projects, so to make sure I don't forget what happens in the day, I have some sticky notes where I just bullet point what I get up to, then I pop that in the blank space. Then when I have time during the week I will go and fill those blank days in!

I decorate each day individually, like a separate mini project in itself. I try to fill as much blank space as possible without making it look like it's overcrowded. I 'go with the flow' when decorating, I have my bucket of creative journaling supplies (so basically a bucket full of fun!), and I pick out things that appeal to me that day. Or if there's something that fits well with what I've written about, then I'll use that. For example the day my unicorn planner arrived, I used the 'party' sticker that came with my planner, because I think it was most definitely a day to partaayyy.

These are most definitely early days, and I'm sure I will figure out my 'style' and way of doing things. I can see techniques I use in my Smash Book's come into play when I'm using washi tape etc. Oh and layering! I love a bit of layering in a journal.
It's definitely a stay at home journal, I love the space and that's clear with a lot of my journals and planners, but usually that means they aren't 'on the go' sort of journals/planners. But I work with that, I make sure I have smaller ones for traveling about. But my larger journals and planners are most definitely my favourites.

I think this a style of journaling that is very simple to achieve, pretty much washi, stickers and writing! Who doesn't love sticking down stickers, it's definitely a great way to zone down at the end of the day without getting too artsy fartsy (don't get me wrong, I love a bit of artsy fartsy journaling, but sometimes I just want to get everything down on paper and get into bed!).
The spaces that the planner provide are the perfect size. I know the weekends may sometimes be too small to document everything that went on in the day, but hey! I'll cross that bridge when it comes!

I've also started to fill in the 'notes' section that is just before the monthly overview and weekly pages. I've changed this from 'notes' to 'good times'. So if there's anything that happens during the month that is particularly exciting or eventful, then I will go into a little more depth about it here.
I think sometimes I don't appreciate the good times enough, and when they are mashed together with the mundane daily things in my journals, I don't ever look back on them.
Having this section before each month gathers everything good into one place, to be read whenever I want!

I will try to share my pages as often as I can, though I can't count on sharing every week.
Let me know if you are using your planner (or any other planner) as a journal! I'd love to check out how you guys are using them :)

- Daisy X



  1. Great inspiration! I'm also using my ban do agenda as a journal and loving it!

  2. Great inspiration! I'm also using my ban do agenda as a journal and loving it!

  3. Looks great! Id love to similar as I have a spare planner but I have so many projects on the go id never keep up to date with it!
    Jilly x

  4. This is beyond genius! I just got a agenda to use for school. But I have my old Lilly Pulitzer agenda that still has some months left. I think I might use it for journaling like this, to keep track of the good and the bad that happens each day; almost like a diary!!