Wednesday, 19 August 2015

List pad planner inserts!

One of the stationery items I have accumulated a lot of (saying it like I don't accumulate a lot of every type of stationery item I ever buy, hahahaha), is list pads. More recently this is down to the lovely Anna who is the creator of the Brimbles Box! Most of the boxes I've received have had a list pad inside. I am definitely not complaining, because I absolutely love using them in my planners!

Finding pretty inserts for planners can be tricky, and when you find ones you like already cut and punched, the prices can be super ridiculous. I think list pads are the way forward for note paper in your planner. Obviously it takes a little more time to sort them out, as you have to cut and punch them yourself. But after a bit of practice, trust me, you get quicker, and it's worth it because you'll save yourself money!

For measuring I always use a page from my planner, I don't use a ruler or exact measurements. It's a lot less faff just using a page to mark where to trim your list pages down to.
Usually list pads are the perfect width for a personal sized planner, so you don't need to measure or trim those sides. But the height is quite a bit longer than your personal sized pages.

Hole punching it the easy bit! You use the same page you measured with, I mark where the holes are at the same time I'm marking where to trim. This way I can just chop, punch and be done!
I use a classic two hole, hole punch to make the holes, but I just use one of the holes in the punch at a time (I've typed the word 'holes' so many times, it looks really weird now).

You can find list pads all over the place, and they usually come with quite a few sheets on a pad. Let's face it when you are making a list it's rarely neat, which is why if I've spent a lot of money on pretty notepaper, and I mess it up I always feel like I'm wasting money. At least way I can write my lists as scribbly and messy as I want, and I don't feel bad.

- Daisy X


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