Sunday, 9 August 2015

Smash Book Sunday! | 2 |

This Smash Book page was very busy. I had a lot of Easter things and tried to combine as many as possible into one page. Obviously there's a few non Easter things that had worked their way onto the page, but that's okay, because they just went well with everything.

  The Chick tissue paper covering the background, was from Tiger.
  The bees are meant to be used to decorate clothing or material (they are the iron on type of things), I got them in a swapbot swap.
♥ The little Bulbasaur at the top was from a swapbot swap.

When you open the first card on top inside I have collaged together some odd stickers and pieces I have received over the years. 
The butterfly was on an envelope which I was sent from one of my Instagram giveaway winners, she sent me a little thank you card and other bits and pieces to Smash Book. I thought it was so lovely of her, I was really happy when I'd found a place to put this (I still have the rest in my smash box, waiting to be used!).

♥ All of the stickers on the left hand side of the card were sent to me from penpals!
♥ The Despicable Me 2 piece of card, was from a sticker pack.
♥ The card that all of these things are attached to was from an Easter themed swapbot swap.

I attached the card by punching two holes in the crease where it folds in half, and then tying some ribbon (which I also got in an Easter themed swapbot swap!) through the holes and through the spiral of the Smash Book. This is one of the simplest ways to attach cards to a Smash Book, it acts like another mini page in the book.

Behind the Easter card I attached with ribbon, there is this fun little pocket which is made out of part of a cardboard envelope I got from Noodoll. It had super cute illustrations on, so of course I had to keep it to Smash Book. I cut it down and stuck it so I could keep things inside it. 
Inside I put another Easter card I'd received from a penpal, a postcard I'd got from another penpal from Niagara Falls, and also a little thank you card I'd gotten from another Instagram giveaway winner.
♥ The little 'Time to happy dance' note was from a penpal, which I stuck in this blank space with a couple of strips of colour co-ordinated washi underneath.
♥ The little 3D dot stickers came from the same giveaway winner who sent me the envelope with the butterfly on.

Above the pocket I just added some of the other bits and pieces I'd found in my smash box.

♥ Daisy heart which I cut out from an envelope, from one of my penpals.
♥ The little shirt stickers, I think either came from a swap or a penpal, I've had them a little while so can't exactly remember.
♥ The 'Live Bright' tag is from one of my Kikki-k planners!
♥ The little note from the Spring Scavenger Hunt swapbot swap.

I feel like this page truly shows just how much you can add to a Smash Book page. I love that there's things hiding, and little pockets and things to open, it's one of the things that I'll forget about and then in years to come I'll look back through my Smash Book and I'll re-find all these little hidden memories.

If you would like to see the process of how I put this page together, then I have done a time lapse video on this page, which I will leave below:

As always, thank you guys so much for reading! - Daisy X


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