Sunday, 16 August 2015

Smash Book Sunday! | 3 |

I created this Smash Book page a little while back now, and I have to say that I completely love how the colour scheme turned out! It sounds silly to say that I know, I obviously chose things with similar colours when looking through my Smash Box.
But when all of those things are lying on the desk, waiting to be put on the page, I can't tell if I'm going to be able to fit them all on, well enough that the colours mix well together. It turns out I was able to do that on this page!

♥ The owl image is actually the front cover of a Paperchase diary I got in my goody bag when I attended a blogger event last year. I started using it like a journal, but just couldn't mesh with it. So I kept the front cover to add in here, as a little memento from the event.
♥ The Craft Asylum thing, along the left hand side is from a pack of stamps.

One of the things I've started to do more often with my pages, is paper clip things down! A lot of the time I don't like having everything permanently stuck down on the page, I like things to move and for the pages to be hands on when looking back through it. So to prevent things that aren't completely stuck down, from hanging out of the book I have used paperclips to help keep them in place (they also add an extra bit of decoration to the page).

♥ The 'Life is Sweet' label is from a notebook I bought from Kikki-K.

When putting this page together I remember being pretty chuffed with the amount of perfectly matching washi tapes I had! I had plenty to choose from, it's really satisfying when things just flow like this, and you come across things that just work.

♥ These stamps were on a package I'd received from a penpal. 
♥ The heart memo paper was also from a penpal, I only had one left, so decided to add it in here.
♥ Right in the background there is white tissue paper with lilac writing and images on. This is the tissue paper that comes with a Paperchase order.

Another thing I like to do in my Smash Books (after saying about how I prevent things from hanging out of the book haha), is have small things poking out! When it comes to things poking out of the book, I like to be in control. So if I feel like something would work well with the page and isn't going to get damaged, then I will go ahead with it and make it poke out. But anything that I think will fall outwards or overhang, completely unplanned, I will clip back with a paper clip!

The purple and blue foam flowers I've added to the page are from Wilko. The little silver teardrop gems are from Hobbycraft (I think, or it may have been The Range)

You can watch the process of this page coming together below:

I hope you enjoyed with weeks Smash Book Sunday! Have a lovely rest of the day! - Daisy X


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