Sunday, 23 August 2015

Smash Book Sunday! | 4 |

This page felt very nostalgic to create (kinda goes well with this being the Nostalgia Smash Book!), I have multiple smash boxes, one of them has a ton of stuff I kept from my school & college days. I haven't been through this box because I know it's going to dig up memories and I don't know if they will be happy for sad, so I tend to just avoid them in general.
I did eventually go through it though, and found some real gems.

♥ The circle photo at the bottom is of me and one of my friends, it was from a leaflet for a sheep centre in Sussex.

This box was full of doodles I had done, I don't remember a day at school or college where I didn't doodle something. I know I can't keep them all, but I'm going to try and Smash Book as many as I can.
♥ Instead of cutting this one out neatly, I chose to rip around it and keep it looking 'rough'.
♥ The Mini car tag was from a few years ago, I think I wrapped a present for my brother with the paper, and kept one of the tags that came in the wrapping set. It's one of those random things I kept that doesn't really have any sentimental meaning, I just liked it!

This ticket was from the first college freshers party I was going to go to, unfortunately I never went. During School & College I never knew I was suffering with anxiety. I assumed I was 'just shy', as I'd been told this my whole life, and I thought having these panic attacks over things like parties was normal. Obviously now I'm a lot more aware.
I'd made new college friends, I was trying to keep up with everyone else, I bought the ticket, and then realised that I was absolutely dreading going. I also don't drink, I never have done, and never plan to. Being a freshers party, it was expected that people would be drinking. In my panic ridden head alcohol = vomit, and that was something I did not want to be around!

♥ The Lorax sticker was from a banana I think! Haha, another random thing I kept!

I decided to add a little tab onto this page. I didn't have it poking out too much, but I wanted something to go in this gap at the side.

The thing that looks like a film strip photo is a business card I picked up when we went on a photography trip to a gallery, in my first year of college (I think it was first year ... could have been second ... they both felt like one long year if I'm honest haha).

I decorated with the usual things, little teardrop gems, and fun stickers I had in my smash box!

I did upload a Smash Book Session video for this page, you can watch it below:

- Daisy X



  1. Do you choose how you want it to look or just wing it? haha

  2. These are so fun and make me miss journalling and scrapbooking!