Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Plump Planner - UK Etsy Shop Share!

The Plump Planner is another sticker shop that specialises in planner stickers, but a large majority of them can be used for journaling as well as planning, which is why I decided to buy some. They are stickers which aren't measured or made to fit any type of planner in particular, which is something I really love! They are a good size, so whether they are being used in a big/small, planner or journal, they don't look out of place.
You also get a lot on each sheet! The sheets arrive chopped in half so they fit nicely in the envelope and don't get damaged.

I went for three sheets from the shop:

♥ Cameras - set of 40 Stickers (£1.95) 
(Camera set isn't available right now, so I can't provide a link)
As I said before, each sheet comes with a lot of stickers! I've realised that the quantity you get on each sheet depends on the size of each sticker.

The Cinema set came with two different styles of popcorn stickers, cinema ticket stickers and film reel stickers! So there's quite a variety in that set. I worked out it would be perfect for all different kinds of film watching, whether you are at home watching films or going out to the cinema!

I couldn't resist this set! I think it's my favourite out of the lot. Seeing as summer is pretty much finished here in the UK, the rainy days are outweighing the sunny ones. So these wellies and umbrellas are going to be used a LOT I'm sure! They're the perfect little addition to a journaling page. 

The last set I got was a load of cameras, I take photos all the time of everything. I particularly love heading out on a walk and seeing what awesome photos I can come back with. There's something really satisfying about getting home after a long walk, going through the photos you've taken and finding one that you are really proud of!

Karen, the owner of The Plump Planner has provided me with a discount code for you guys!
You can get 10% off your order with the code PLUMP1There's a lot of wonderful stickers available, and as I said before these can be used in a range of different planners!
If you would like to see the original sticker haul video including all of the shops I shared, then take a look at the video below:

- Daisy X

*Please note that these stickers were not sent to me for free to review/share. I bought them with my own money, and all views & opinions shared are 100% my own.



  1. Yes! Another UK sticker shop! I love the wellies!

    1. I've been on a hunt to find lots of UK based shops recently, so I've got plenty more to share :) X

    2. I just opened a UK based sticker shop, would appreciate if you would take a look x

  2. Omg so cute, i really need to start buying stickers haha =]

  3. Yay! I am doing anything to not have to pay the crazy postage! Great post really helpful thank you x

  4. I just opened a UK based planner sticker shop, I hope it's ok to share my link? x