Sunday, 30 August 2015

Week four in my planner! (Journal)

Week four was filled with ups, downs and all over the place's!
Overall decoration wise I didn't feel like I was on point. Creative journaling is something I don't plan, I just go with the flow. Sometimes things turn out really great, and sometimes things are just okay. Either way, I'm not going to rip it up and start again a) because I can't do that haha, being a sprial bound planner, there's no going back once the pen hits the paper, and b) I honestly like the variety of good weeks and bad weeks. It gives me things to learn from and I can see how my decorating 'skills' have progressed through the months.

As you can see in the above photo, Monday was a 'meh' day haha. I didn't get a whole lot done, I spent a lot of the day catching up on watching YouTube videos, which is always bitter sweet because I love the videos, but time flies by so quickly when you get on a roll with them. I should have probably got more done, but seeing as I don't give myself official 'days off' hardly ever, I need to not let these days get to me.

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty exciting days, as far as mine and Jack's future goes!
On Tuesday he had a meeting with the mortgage advisors and got an application sent in. Then the same evening he found out that the application had been accepted!
Then on Wednesday we found out that offer on the house had been accepted! So roll on the paperwork. It's crazy that we had been sitting and waiting for weeks for things to start looking like they will actually be happening, then boom two massive things happen in the same week!
On Wednesday I started vlogging again, I hadn't done this for a long time and I was a little rusty, but I know it's something I wanted to be better at for when we eventually move because I will want to record the process of doing up the house and share it with my family.
The little emoji stickers were the same emoji's that Jack used when he told me about the exciting news. I love how I can document little things like that with these stickers!

Thursday was pretty mundane, it's the day I get all the orders for my two shops packed up, plus any other things that need to be sent out on Friday.
I used the square stickers from my Pipsticks Pro pack to represent the piles of orders I had stacked up by the end of it! (which by the way you can still use my discount code GREEN15 to get 15% off a Pipsticks subscription!). I also got a video edited for Friday, but honestly nothing else really happened haha.
Friday rolled around and suddenly the UK summertime had decided to show its face again?! It was hot, like not just hot, but hot hot. It probably didn't help that in the morning when I woke up, it was all glum and miserable looking outside so I put on grey jeans ... yep... so I was a heat magnet all the time I was in town! I managed to pick up some prizes for my giveaway on YouTube, and also got a ton of other jobs done in town which was really good.
But by the time I got home I was exhausted, I also think I go mild heatstroke which wasn't nice at all. So I ended up just napping and trying not to stress myself out with too much work.

Saturday was a weird one, there was unfortunately the awful news about the crash at Shoreham Air show. It was just horrific what had happened, and I think it got to me more because it was SO local.
 I did dip dye the ends of my hair a kind of plum purple colour, though the box stated it was 'mystic violet', which is a total lie because it was way more of a reddy purple than a bluey purple. But either way, it was nice to have a change up with my hair for once!
I ordered the first fun bits and pieces for the house, which was exciting. Me and Jack are currently living long distance, and have been since May. Shopping for homey things is something we want to do together, so whenever we are apart and want to buy something we have to double check the other person won't be disappointed haha. I can't wait to be able to be back with him so we can start this little adventure together.
Sunday was much like Monday, not much happened I didn't feel all that great, and I knew I had a potentially stressful week ahead of me which I really wasn't looking forward to.

- Daisy X


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