Thursday, 27 August 2015

Where I buy most of my journaling cards!

I first came across journaling cards when my penpals sent me some with their letters. I hadn't a clue what they were but they reminded me of my Pokemon card collecting days, and I had an urge to find more! That's when I first came across Project Life.
I originally thought that they were the only brand/company that made journaling cards, but I soon came across many different companies that sold them.
I found that a lot of the places that sold them in the UK were pretty expensive, in comparison to the countries where the companies were based, sold them for. So I decided to have a giant internet search to see if I could find anywhere which sold them, AND offered decent/free postage.

eBay is usually my first stop when trying to find things for cheaper, as there's a lot of sellers from Asia on there, and sometimes you can come across some real gems. I had no luck on eBay, so decided to search on Amazon.
I searched a few different brands, and then came across a seller who had reasonably priced journaling cards (and loads of other products from non UK brands, but that's a whoooolllleee other story!) from a brand called KaiserCraft, and the postage was FREE, score!
I'm always well aware that if the postage from somewhere outside of the UK is free, then it means it'll take years to arrive. Well not 'years', maybe only weeks, but it feels like years when you are super excited to receive them!

The shop I came across was supermart USA. Their prices go up and down, but I personally thought that their journaling card prices were all very reasonable!

KaiserCraft, is an Australian brand and I hadn't ever heard of them before.
The first pack I got was this one, it is the Say Cheese pack (They don't currently have it available on supermart USA, so I can't provide a link) and it contains a ton of colourful cards, which are all themed around photo taking. All of the cards in all of the packs I'm going to show you are double sided, and you get three of each double sided design! (In some of the packs I got four! Which was obviously a packing mistake haha, but I'm not complaining!).

The next pack I got was the Sea Breeze one, this one really has a beachy feel to it. There's so many wood patterns and teals being used, I love these combinations. It clearly means I need to take more trips to the beach, so I can use these ;)
I also think this would be a great pack to get if you are documenting a wedding!

This pack is Favourite Things, again it's another very colourful pack (you know me, I love my brights!), I'm always drawn to the brighter packs first and then realise that I need to go for some more dull ones to help compliment them. If not any pages I create with them will be super in your face and very lairy!

The last pack I got was the Celebrate Life! Pack. This one is very toned down compared to the others, it's got lots of quote cards, and would definitely be a great one to document the people you love in your life! I think I will keep these ones for when I go on little dates with my boyfriend.

Most of the KaiserCraft packs they sell on supermart USA range from £3.33 - £4 per pack, there's a few packs that are over the £4 mark.
They aren't the thickest quality of journaling cards about, but that really doesn't bother me. At the moment I mainly use them in my fauxdori's, so the thinner the better really! I do plan to start project life at some point, and I don't think the thickness would really bother me all that much, considering they'd be in plastic sleeves there'll be no worries of them getting damaged.
Even though they are thinner than other brands, this does not mean ink will show through to the other side. I have tried and tested this, I used x5 different pens, Coleto, a pen from China, Smash Book pen, calligraphy pen & a felt tip, and none of them showed through onto the back of the journaling card!
The two pens which you could see clearer when you held the card up to the light was the felt tip and calligraphy pen, both were a lot inkier than the other pens used, so that was slightly expected.

Overall, I'm slightly obsessed with the KaiserCraft brand, and the prices per pack I think are very reasonable. They do take a little while to arrive, but that's something you would have to take into account when ordering.
Their customers service has been very good, my mum bought from them and received some damaged cards (a few in the pack had been cut really wonky) so she sent them a message, and they got a replacement sent out to her, and she got to keep the faulty cards too. She obviously couldn't use them as journaling cards, but they could be cut up and used for other things.

You can find the full selection of KaiserCrafts journaling cards that supermart USA has available here.

Obviously all links in this blogpost will take you to the UK Amazon.

- Daisy X

*Please note that these were not sent to me for free to review/share. I chose these myself, and my mum bought them for me for my birthday, all views & opinions shared are 100% my own.



  1. I love KaiserCraft, they do the best die cut images =] I love journaling cards but i dont have pen pals and id probably just buy them because there pretty haha =]

  2. I've bought from Supermart USA before as they do cheap Silhouette mats and blades.. I've never thought of looking for what else they sell! Might have to go look now...

  3. I adore kaisercraft, and recently found them too. I have yet tried their journal cards. I also like Me And My Big Ideas brand (MAMBI), and Simple Stories. One I also recently tried and was leasantly surprised with was Bo Bunny Misc Me cards....pretty nice!