Friday, 11 September 2015

365 Day Project - Printed update!

I'm sure a lot of you have seen my 365 Day Project blogposts that I have been sharing. I've had a lot of questions about why I'm doing it, what I'm doing with the photos and if I'm printing them then how am I going to display/keep them. So I thought since I've recently got the first few months printed, then it would be a good time to show you how I'm going about all of this.

This journal was actually the original inspiration for this project. It's the 365 Minimalist Journal from Kikki-K, I got it a while ago when they had an offer running.
The 365 Journals that Kikki-K sells are pretty simple, there's just 365 pages in the book which are blank so you can fill it with whatever you want, and each page is numbered. There's a colour scheme which changes depending on which collection the journal is from.

Once I printed the photos off I knew I wanted to stick them in here. When I say stick, I mean properly glue them in. I use Pritt Stick, I always have done and I've never had any issues with it in the past.
I knew sticking photos into any book would bulk it out, so I was aware this would happen with this journal. But the thing which reassured me with this Kikki-K journal is that the pages are very thin, so hopefully there would be minimal bulk.

I started the project on my 21st Birthday (May 14th) and plan to obviously do this for a year.
I've chosen to keep the whole project minimal, which is why I went for black and white photos, rather than colour.
I've done 'One photo a day' projects in the past, so I didn't fancy doing another one like that, which is why I decided to create a collage of photos from throughout the day.
At the top of each page I used my date stamp. As the paper is so thin the ink does show through from the other side, but this doesn't bother me at all.

Of course when I got the photo's printed, they didn't come out completely black & white, they were more greyscale. But the theme is there, and it's definitely pushing my boundaries with colour. I always like to involve some sort of colour in my projects, so not adding any washi or fun things in this one has been tough haha!

I love how it's turning out, and already it's been lovely to flick through and look back on the first few months of being 21!
I like that there's no captions, and no journaling as instead the photos trigger memories. As much as I love journaling and documenting my days with paragraphs of text, this sort of photo documenting is a nice alternative to how I used to store photos by just putting them in a photo album.

I know I will most likely have to get some sort of elastic band or string to keep this bulky journal shut, but seeing as I haven't altered this journal too much or made it my own, I think that will just be a bonus little accessory to give it a bit of personality!
The cover of the journal is hardback and material, being black it is prone to pick up every speck of dust it comes into contact with. Which is kinda frustrating, but just something I'll have to deal with. I could always get it a pouch or something in the future if it bothers me too much!

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into what I'm actually doing with the 365 Day Project I share on here weekly!
Thank you for reading,
- Daisy X


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