Saturday, 19 September 2015

365 Day Project (Sep 7th - Sep 13th)

As this is a minimalist photo project. I never planned on writing anything with the physical copies, or the digital copies. My goal is, in a few years time when I look back through the journal with the printed photos in, the photos will trigger memories. These may be boring/random/lovely memories, but most importantly they will be mine.
It might seem 'greedy' or 'lazy' not to share anything about the photos, on here with you guys, but I don't see it as either.
It's a project about my life, so it shouldn't ever be questioned as to why I've not captioned them.
All I've ever planned to have from the start is the photo and a date, and that is how I intend to carry on.
I will use this same blurb in every 365 Day Project blog post from now on, so I hope you guys enjoy having a little peak into my day to day life! - Daisy X








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  1. Awesome! I'd love to do something like this, but I can never seem to stick to it. You are totally right about it being YOUR project too - do whatever you like! :D
    Jas } } photographing the world through stories and biscuits