Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New to Planning? Here's Some Planner Lingo for You!

(My Yellow A5 Finsbury - Yellow Finsburys are one of the sort after Unicorns of many Planners.)

In the planner world, Unicorns do exist!! Only they don't have four legs, and a horn. Instead the term 'unicorn' or 'unicorn planner' is that one, or two, or more planners that are very hard to come by, usually it's a discontinued style or colour. Though some peoples Unicorn's may be a planner that is current, but they don't quite have the funds to buy it, so instead they search the internet for photos of this planner that has hold of their heart, to try and fill that space until the time comes where they can purchase it!
(We've all internet stalked a certain planner right?)

(Just a few of my many planners, I own a variety of colours)

Moving in and out
When Planners talk about moving in and out, they don't mean houses. 
A lot of Planners tend to move in and out of their planner every season, picking one which suits the weather and atmosphere of the season. This might be a Gold planner around Christmas, or a bright pink one in the Summer, if you've been bitten by the planner bug the chances are you know this moving urge when the weather changes! Of course moving doesn't just happen each season, many of us I'm sure shuffle in and out of planners throughout the year. But after following a lot of planner Instagram accounts for the past year or so, I've noticed that there tends to be a theme when the season changes.

(One of my planners which has a pretty gappy ring!)

Gappy Rings
In the planner community we all know that gappy rings are not good!
Ring anxiety is a common thing with many Planners. It's a much less stressful process if you are purchasing in a shop, you can check the rings (although your true planner addict traits become public when you have a pile of planners you've gone through to check which one has the best rings, but hey, that's okay because you'll go home with peace of mind!). 
But ordering online is a whole other story. If you've been hoarding collecting planners for a while, you will have gone through the heartbreaking process of receiving a planner you bought online, opening it up, and seeing a big 'ole gap in the rings. This just isn't cool, and yes it is incredibly disheartening, sometimes there's a little part of you that feels sorry for the planner for not being good enough for your ring standards. But that soon passes when you remember how much money you paid for it, and the fact that your other half thinks you paid half as much as you did (because what they don't know won't hurt them).

Well that's covered the main ones!

One last one which I may have confused you with in this blogpost, is Planners and planners.
A person who plans is called a Planner.
A Planner who plans, uses planners.
You may come across a group of Planners, or a pile of planners.

Planners are both people and objects, I tend to use a capital letter when I'm talking about the person who plans, and a small letter for when I'm talking about the actual object/item that is a planner.

Or did I just confuse you even more? Either way, I'm sure you will get the hang of it!

- Daisy X

* I want to make it clear that these are things I've picked up from being in this community for a couple of years now! These aren't 'official' things, it's just lingo that is very well known and used a lot on a day to day basis in the planning community. 



  1. Is it wrong to want a planner, even though your lifestyle isn't that busy enough to justify one, just because you want to make it pretty??!!?

    1. Not at all!! That's one of the first reasons I wanted one! I don't go to school, I don't have work times to put in and I rarely have appointments. Most of the time I use it as a massive to-do list planner :)

    2. Just the dilemma of which one then! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Haha! It's like when you're excited for it to arrive, but you don't want to get your hopes up incase you have to send it back >.<

  3. I've just ordered a Kikki.k now I'm worried about the rings from reading this! Lol. I do t want to be disappointed. Hehe. X