Sunday, 27 September 2015

Smash Book Sunday! | 5 |

So before I get started with talking through this page, I just wanted to say that basically everything on this page is from Ankepanke! I wanted to keep the lovely packaging that came with the stamps she had sent.
Of course there's a few things that I added because they just worked well with the colour scheme etc. I can't recommend Anke's shop enough, she has some really sweet stamps and stickers available! Her prices are great too, so make sure you check her shop out!

When Anke sent me the stamps, she also included these two stickers. I wasn't sure where to put them at first as I know I wanted to keep them, but not just as unused stickers. So of course popping them in my Smash Book means that I get to keep them, and incorporate them into a Smash Book page!
The little cat drawing (I'm pretty sure it's hand drawn, but it looks so neat it could be printed!) saying 'for stability' was a definite keeper. I cut this little guy out to put in here, and actually kept the off cuts to use in my mail, for stability! ;)

♥ The Orange flower is a die cut from The Range.
♥ B&W Heart Washi is from Cloudy Cow.
♥ Orange and Blue dot stickers were sent to me as a gift.

I kept as much as I could from the packaging, it was all so so lovely! I couldn't not keep this address label, it's for sure one of the cutest ones I've ever received. The actual envelope that everything was packaged in was silver holographic?! So awesome. The Cat stamp is from her shop, and also the Washi stamps in the top left.

♥ Cloud Washi is from Cloudy Cow.
♥ Plastic flag (next to the cat stamp) is from the Smash Brand.
♥ Yellow Washi was sent to me as a gift.

I decided to add the little envelope of postcards to the page. I didn't want to stick the postcards in directly, as if I wanted to use them in the future I wouldn't be able to. So I love having them in here, so I can use them when I want, but I don't have to rip up the page to do so!

♥ Kraft Paperclip Tape (left hand side), is from HEMA.
♥ Alphabet Stickers are from Hobbycraft.
♥ Gold striped Washi is from Cloudy Cow.

If you want to watch the process video of me putting this page together from start to finish, then you can do so here:

I hope you enjoyed having a closer look at this page, it's one of my favourites so far!

- Daisy X


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