Monday, 28 September 2015

Week eight in my planner! (Journal)

I love how this week turned out! I got to use lots of fun things, including my new Autumn bunting washi tape (From Cloudy Cow). I achieved a lot, and was just really happy with how the week went.
It's funny because when I start the week, I tend to have an idea of a colour scheme I might want to go with etc. But It always turns out completely different and sometimes even better than I first thought! 

So Monday, I had a very enjoyable shopping trip. The Sunday before I was extremely anxious, I planned to go to Brighton, and to get there I had to get the bus and a train. I'd originally worked out that I could get the bus in from my house, and my dad could pick me up at some point after he'd finished work. It ended up that he popped me into town, as the weather had turned so he couldn't do what he wanted to on the farm.
I got to Brighton, spent money on stationery. Ran out of money and so decided to come home early.
I did set myself a budget and I stuck pretty close to it! Once I'd got the train back from Brighton to my local town, I had ages to kill before my dad was picking me up again. 
So I decided I felt comfortable enough to try and get the bus home. This is the bus I've not been on for over a year (there's two buses, one stops right outside my house. The other stops at the end of my lane, this is the one that I've been irrationally terrified of for over a year), I took it in steps so I went and waited at the bus stop, if I felt okay then I'd stick around and see how I felt when it pulled up. It pulled up and I was still okay, so I got on. I did it. I got on the bus, I was slightly flustered, but it's okay because I'm on. Now all I have to do it sit and let it take me home!
It may sound silly, but it's a big achievement in my head. Monday was definitely a Daisy 1 - Anxiety 0, kinda day!

Considering Monday went so well, Tuesday I felt really positive and just ready to rock on with work!
I did wake up with my whole body aching because of how many heavy bags I was carrying all day yesterday. It really showed me that I should probably get out an exercise more, because my body was just not ready for that sort of crazy shopping trip haha. I took the day at a pace though, got things done and made sure to chill.
Wednesday I spent the whole day filming videos! I got a lot done and it felt good to have videos stacking up. Sometimes I can just film a load and words seem to flow out of my mouth easily, other times I struggle to get words out. I either stumble or I just cannot think of what I want to say.

Thursday was frustrating, we had a guy coming over from openreach to test our phone line and internet connection. Unfortunately there wasn't anything he could do right then. But he said they will have to get the councils permission to replace cables or something, and there was something about getting a dig team in.. so yeh.. whatever that means. I think we are definitely past the trouble shooting advice of "Madam, try turning it off and on again".
I'm grateful for having an internet connection at least, but it's so so slow. It's so difficult to get things done at the pace my brain is going, and at the pace I know I would be able to work at! 

Friday I went to town to get the orders posted out! I got to use my brand new backpack that I bought on Monday in Brighton. I've been using a like side/shoulder bag for ages, and I have been wanting to go back to using a backpack for a while. I'm so glad I finally have, I completely forgot how my lighter everything feels when the weight it spaced between two shoulders instead of one!!
The boxes arrived for the Cloudy Cow bundles, so as the internet was being ridiculously laggy, I got them all made up.

I spend most of Saturday moving stuff from my work room, into my bedroom. I've been working more and more in my bedroom as I have my big desk and overall the room is just brighter and nicer to work in. So it made sense to shift things about.
Sunday I setup my planner with an autumnal theme, I've been meaning to do that for a while, but I finally got around to doing it and I love how it turned out (video coming soon!).

I've decided to take a break from sharing these pages on here. The pressure of getting it all photographed, edited and what not by the end of the week is making it less enjoyable for me. I'll be sure to share the odd photo on Instagram though, and I'm sure at some point I'll share the odd weekly blogpost again. But for now I know I want to take a break :)

- Daisy X


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  1. I'm using my Bando agenda for this purpose, but i still don't know what to do with the months pages. Any recommendations?