Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Week five in my planner! (Journal)

So for week five I was really chuffed with how the left hand side turned out, with the colours and just the general layout of everything. But the right hand side seemed to let the team down a bit haha.
It may have been because general life things started going downhill from Thursday onwards, so this my have reflected back into my journaling. But yeh.. it was a tough old week and I'm very glad I'm through it!

Monday was one of those days that was meant to go one way, then last minute took a turn in the other direction. I was all stressed out because I had to get the bus to town (this is the bus I'm not as used to, and causes me a lot of anxiety), then my dad said he would take me. So the build up of anxiety was for nothing haha.
I also became an Affiliate with IWOOT that day too, which was an exciting new thing to work on! You can get 10% off your order by the way, with the code GREENCOW10, there's a link to their website here! ;D

Tuesday, again I had plans to go to town, but because the weather was awful I chose to just stay home and get some work done. I'm pretty sure the weather triggered my SAD too, so I wasn't feeling tip top.
Wednesday was very exciting! I hit 8000 subscribers on my channel! These milestones never fail to amaze me and I can't thank you all enough for joining my crafty journeys on there :)
I did get a chunk of work done (wrote blogposts mainly), so I felt pretty good and more caught up by Wednesday.

Thursday was when the week started to roll downwards. I got all the jobs I needed to do, done. Like packing up orders, editing the video for Friday etc. But I had another up and down of anxiety when I needed to get the bus to town again (the one I'm not as comfortable with), and I was up for it, ready, waiting outside for it to turn up, and my dad comes out of his workshop and said he could pop me into town. I appreciate the lifts a lot, as it does save money, time and stress. But the adrenaline ups and downs are what take their toll on me, and I need to remember to chill and reboot when this happens.
Friday was a weird one, I'm not going to go into a ton of details on the negative side of things. It was just cruddy, that's all you need to know haha. But I did get to see a friend I've not seen for well over a year I think?! I've missed her a lot and it was so great to catch up, even though we only had about an hour.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty generic, they tend to just include planning for the next week, catching up on things I've not done during this week, and figuring out what needs to be prioritised for the following week/s. I had stock arrive for Cloudy Cow, so of course I sorted through that and got it listed on the shop. Sunday unfortunately was a bad internet day for us.. It was just not working at all I spent half an hour waiting for an important email to send, it was one of those ones where I needed to know it had gone, but didn't want to resend incase I end up spamming them.
I cannot wait to have a decent internet connection!

- Daisy X


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