Saturday, 12 September 2015

Week six in my planner! (Journal)

This week was an okay week, there were a couple of bumps along the way. But overall there were some really good days!
I coincidently found a random glittery rainbow die cut on the floor when I was tidying my room, on the same day there was a really impressive double rainbow outside. So I of course had to use it in this weeks decoration! I got to use some of my new washi tape from my shop, which was exciting. It's always fun using a washi you've not yet used, there's new patterns, and colours to work with!
Since I'd finally got all the photos I needed to take, taken of the UK Etsy Sticker shops, I could finally use some of their stickers in my journaling, which was also a perk of this week!

Monday I really tried catching up from the previous week. I wasn't just getting behind on work things, but hobbies and other things I enjoyed too. For example happy mail! I still had pocket letters and happy mail I hadn't quite finished, and I had packages and things sitting on my desk that either I needed to find addresses for, or I'd done the creative part, but not written a letter to go with it etc. So I knew I needed to get on with some of these things, and get them sent so then it's one less thing on my shoulders. 

Tuesday was one of the bumps along the way, I went to town as I usually do. But on the way home there was a guy in town who put me in a very awkward situation, for someone with severe social anxiety I don't deal well in these situations. In the situation itself I'm fine, I might blush and seem a little confused, but I hold it together. It's afterwards that I start to crumble, when I get my brain is telling me 'so many people saw you go red! Wow you really balls that up! You're so embarrassing!' Etc.
Unfortunately the thing I dread the most (awkward conversations) is something that happens all the time, and it's something I'm going to have to go through.
Unlike most people, my brain fixates on these situations and that's where my social anxiety stems from (I try to avoid any social situation where awkward conversations may happen, out of pure fear of going through that horrible negative thought process that I'm unable to control), sounds silly huh? Yep, it is, but it isn't something I have control of yet.

This tumbled my day really, it kind of went downhill from there.
 I'd bought a camera in town and it wasn't working, I wasted my time trying to get it to work, so got even more behind on work. Ultimately it led to a bit of a meltdown, and I had an awful night.
Wednesday I gave myself a chilled day, I carried on with the hobby related jobs I needed to catch up with and I launched the Halloween stock on my shop as planned. But afterwards I didn't do much work. I made some popcorn, watched TV and just let my brain reboot back into the right mindset.

Thursday I still wasn't feeling tip top, I hated not doing any work so I did get on with a few small jobs. I tidied my desk area, and sorted through things. I got all the orders packed up to be shipped out on Friday, which is always a long process and I hate doing it in the cramped corner of my room. But I actually enjoy the packing up process, and can't wait to have my own office so I can spread out a bit and all the stock I have to store can have it's own place!
Friday was much like any other Friday, I went to town to post all the orders and pick up food and such. I did go to sort out my camera and try to get a replacement (Small achievement, considering I dread those sort of situations!), unfortunately they didn't have any in stock, so I had to collect it next week instead.

I finished the week by reaching 9000 subscribers on my YouTube channel! (Thank you SO much!) Because of this I actually started the ball rolling with planning for my 10,000 Subscribers giveaway, which was exciting!
I got a load of videos filmed for next week, and I felt much more on top of things after that. I've always tried to get all the videos for the following week filmed on the weekend before. I feel a lot better when I do this, and it gives me more time during the week to tackle other tasks.
Sunday was pretty generic, I got a video edited for Monday, planned out next week, sorted through my planner etc.

- Daisy X



  1. Lovely post Daisy! I think your planner/journal pages look so cheerful. Love your use of colour.

  2. I love the stickers =]

  3. It's nice to hear that things are getting back on the right track. I could imagine how you feel in awkward conversations which I am also afraid of handling. Look forward to your upcoming videos!