Friday, 4 September 2015

Yellow Love Doki A5 Planner Setup

(Planner charms are from Kawaii Studios.)

I have been after the yellow Doki Book for ages! Seeing as I didn't think in a million years I would get the Yellow Finsbury, this to me was the next best thing. I've always loved the Filofax Saffianos, and this style of Doki Book has the same texture and closure as the Saffianos. The only difference comes on the inside, as the pockets are arranged slightly differently.
I finally bit the bullet and bought myself one! Boy was I impressed! As far as a cheap planner goes, this one is worth it. I actually bought it from my shop supplier's website, so I didn't have to go through the confusion of Spreenow. I think in the future I would most likely purchase from Spreenow, as it does work out a lot cheaper. But I quite frankly didn't have the time to stress about it.

Love Doki sells a variety of different planners, you may have seen the mint and white ones that look very similar to the Kikki-K planners. One day I hope to own one of those kinds as I do love the style, but for now this Doki Book is enough for me to enjoy!
Just inside the cover there is the brand name and phrase 'enjoy your life' embossed. I love this and though this branding isn't as subtle as the Filofaxes or Kikki-K's, it doesn't bother me.

I am using this planner for my shops. So in the pockets on the inside there is a ton of business cards from my friends shops, and shops I have worked with in the past. I'm not usually a fan of the  sideways pockets especially in filofaxes, they seem to be more of a slit in the leather than a pocket. In this Doki Book though, the pockets are exactly how I like them! They are smooth and much more 'pocket like', I find them a lot more visually pleasing too.

On the other side of the pockets, I have a few sheets of spare note paper (which are from Wilkos). Then I've got some decorative paperclips! Let's face it, I'm more likely to use a work planner if it looks cute when I open it up. The ribbon paper clips are from Sea Salt and Paper, and the Flamingo is from Lady Bug On A Pug. All of these paper clips go so nicely with the colours in this planner, I love it when everything just looks neat and tidy!

As I'm using this as a work planner, there's not the usual sections in here. I have the section for my Jewellery Shop (Daisy-Mae Jewellery), and then a section for my Stationery Shop (Cloudy Cow). In both of these I have lots of information and plans about existing items in my shops, and future items I want to make or stock. I then have a Promotional section which has lots of plans for giveaways, and also if I'm contacted by bloggers or other shops about a promotional opportunity, I write those down in here too. The last tab I have is an Other section, I always have one of these in any of my planners as I feel like there will always be some things that just don't have a specific place, but they need to be kept safe.

This Doki Book has two pen loops by the closure, which I don't personally use. I may use them if I take this out and about, but when I'm at home I have a pencil case sitting next to me, so I just grab a pen from there.

With this Doki Book, I am using my Jamie Notes planner as my everyday planner. I've definitely fallen in love with this colour combination, the yellow colour of this Doki Book is most definitely the colder side of yellow, unlike the yellow Finsbury which is more of the warmer, mustard side of yellow. It's really nice having one which is this end of the spectrum.

Seeing as I won't be doing a video on this planner, as there's a lot of confidential information inside. I thought it was at least worth doing a blogpost on, as I'm really happy with not just the planner itself, but how I've got it set up. I'm using it a lot more than I did my last planner, I've completely re-organised it and it's definitely helped with motivating me to use it.

- Daisy X



  1. It's so pretty! Love the set up and all the bits that make it your planner x

  2. It's a gorgeous colour, I am very jealous!!

  3. Oh! I love the colour of your planner Daisy! I didn't know you could get it in yellow xo

  4. I was looking to get one of the lavender/mint style planners (with the band).
    Now I don't know what to do haha, the yellow is gorgeous!

  5. Hi where did you get this from..looking for a planner (my first one) and cannot get on the lovedoki website for some reason.

  6. I've got the lavender version of this and I use it as my work planner and I love it. I got mine from Aliexpress.