Monday, 19 October 2015

My Current Coleto Pen Collection - October 2015

That 'little' collection I had a few months back so slowly started to grow ... I now have 22 ...
I have to admit when it comes to collecting stationery, this is one of the main things I would consider a proper collection. As in, I look out for new designs, I hunt about for old ones, and I have a 'most wanted' list.
Things like my stickers, washi, notebooks etc. I wouldn't consider collections. I buy them all the time, and use them all the time, there's no strategy to it. They are more like hoards haha!

So yes, I collect Coleto pens. I also very much enjoy using them, which I suppose is a bonus! I don't think I'd be as excited or motivated to collect them if I didn't enjoy using them.
The ink dries super quickly, there's different size tips you can get and I can have all my favourite colours in one pen.

People always ask me where I get them, and it's very difficult to answer simply. Because a lot of the barrels I have are discontinued, it's mostly about searching the internet.
The main person I buy from is this eBay seller. That link will take you to all the Coleto pens they have available, but they also sell other types of pens.
They seem to constantly be re-listing barrel designs, and it's purely down to looking every now and again to find the one you want.
The refills I buy from a UK shop called Cult Pens. The eBay seller I mentioned above also sells refills, but you can't get x10 of one colour from them, you have to buy the sets which contain one of each colour, or singular and as they don't combine postage, it can get a little pricey. Cult Pens however lets you choose the colour, size and quantity you want.
The sad thing is that Cult Pens will be discontinuing the refills very soon, so if you are wanting to grab some then you best do that quickly!

There's a little insight into my collection and where I get them all from! If it's not on Cult Pens, then I most likely got it from eBay, so please don't ask me which particular one was from where.
I don't buy every single barrel, I collect the ones I like. If there's a design I don't like then I don't buy it. I always have my eyes peeled for the designs I'm searching for, right now the top two I'm after is the Unicorn design and the Alice In Wonderland design.
(If you aren't sure which ones they are, have a google)
If anyone knows anyone who is selling them, please let me know!

Do you own any Coleto pens? Which one's have you got?! :)

Have a great day!

- Daisy X



  1. OMG!! I have absolute envy right now!! Nice collection!!

  2. They are so pretty =]

  3. How do I know a genuine from a fake on eBay as want to buy my first one.