Friday, 23 October 2015

My Halloween/October Planner Setup!

So October is flying by! Bitter sweet for me, the quicker the days go, the closer I come to moving out. But also a bummer because I feel like I've hardly had a chance to enjoy the Halloween festivities! I'm very glad I got my planner setup for October though, as that's put a smile on my face everytime I open it up.
I went with the purple and green Springboard planner from Filofax. If you saw my most recent haul video (here), you will have seen that I picked this planner up for a bargain price in Homesense. I love the Saffiano Filofaxes, definitely one of my favourite kinds, and this is basically a Saffiano, but it's a charity version.
I made the dashboard for it, I did a whole separate blogpost on that, so if you are interested you can have a read here.

So the charms I went with on my planner are from, yep you guess it! Kawaii Studios! When Ruth released her Halloween collection, I just could not miss out. On the left is her little acrylic Mean Ghost, which she designed herself. Then on the right is the Polymer Clay Stabbed Bleedy Cupcake, which she handmakes! I will always recommend Ruth's shop for cute planner charms, because the quality is amazing and know a lot of hard work goes into the designing and creating of all of her charms.

On the inside on the left, I have a little collection of paperclips. They are all there for decorative purposes! 
The Rabbit one is from Craftin Chaos, and I received it in my most recent Brimbles Box (It was exclusively made for the Brimbles Box, but she does do other adorable designs. Just keep an eye out on her social media!). The little badge ones I made from the Tin Pins I got from Mrs Brimbles' shop. They were super easy to make, and they help to fill up the empty space in my planner!
The pen I'm using this month is of course a Coleto. This one has a green and pinky purple barrel, with little black ghosties on it! I got it from the same eBay seller I always get my Coleto pens from, you can find their shop here.

Inside I've stuck with my same old Kikki-k inserts I got last year in my gold Kikki-k. I'm using Halloween washi tape to decorate the pages, the one used here is from Cloudy Cow, and you can find it here. That's one of the Halloween designs that I won't be restocking until next year, so once it's gone, it's gone! Just a heads up!
The pumpkin divider decoration I made from stickers! I simple stuck them how I wanted them, into a laminating sheet, and laminated it. It was just something a little different that I wanted to have a go at, and it turned out pretty good, it doesn't poke all the way out of the top though.

Last of all I have this ruler/divider, which is a little grumpy looking bear, also from Cloudy Cow! You can find a link to that here. It's not specifically Halloween themed, but I thought it went with everything pretty well considering! It's head pops out the top of my pages just enough to I can flick to the page it's on.

So that's my planner setup for October! I'm so sad that there's just about a week left of October :(
I feel like I've just not had enough time to sit and enjoy the month!

What have you been up to this month? Did you decorate you planner for October?
Let me know below! :)

- Daisy X



  1. Love your planner decorations, Daisy! I think the laminated pumpkin divider is awesome! I think I'll be trying that very soon!

    I've fully decked out my planner and keep meaning to fill a bit of an October set-up video. May have to add it to the to-do list tomorrow!

    the Noveltea Corner

  2. Loving your dash and the little ghost charm, the Halloween theme really works well :)