Sunday, 18 October 2015

Smash Book Sunday! | 6 |

So, this is a Smash Book page none of you have ever seen before!
Why? Because my camera decided to completely fail on me when I was putting it together. Unlike like a show & tell sort of video, I can't just re-record it! :(
But thanks to my blog, I still get to share it with you, because I'm actually really happy with how it turned out!
It may or may not have something to do with all the fun Yellows on the page ...

I managed to Smash Book a lot of things that I've had sitting around for a while. It's always a good feeling when that happens, like you've finally found that bit of ribbon a forever home in your Smash Book haha. 
There's a big mixture of things on this page, none of them really relate to each other at all. I received them all at different times, and they've just been sitting in my Smash box, waiting for me to use them.

The wooden 'Daisy' was sent to me from a penpal.
♥ 'Happy Mail' sticker was from my Happy Mail Brimbles Box.
♥ Cloud washi tape is from Cloudy Cow.

This wooden 'Daisy' was something I've struggled to find a place for, mainly because it's obviously bulky. I also felt like I might want to use it somewhere else, and had the mindset of 'what if' I need it for something else in the future?! When in actual fact, unless I'm going to make friends with someone else called Daisy, and send them a gift with this attached to it. It's highly unlike I will ever use this elsewhere. Plus it was sent to me from a penpal, so I wouldn't actually want to send it to my hypothetical friend called Daisy, ahah!

It was tricky trying to figure out a way to stick all of these bigger things down, without it looking like just a couple of bigger things stuck on a page.
I find that using washi tape and smaller things to stick on top really help with this. I tend to treat the bigger things as the background, and then when I'm arranging the smaller things on top, I try not to cover the bits of the background that I like the look of. It's always best to use bigger things on a page that you already aren't keen on, and don't mind covering up almost fully.

♥ Scratch card I received for my birthday from my Aunty.
♥ Gold foil 'hello', from the websters pages colour crush packaging.
♥ Newspaper bat cut out, from a swapbot swap.
♥ Heart 'roll sticker' packaging, from some stickers I bought.
♥ Brown & Yellow gemstones, from Hobbycraft.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this Smash Book page, even though I don't have the process video to go with it. Sometimes these things happen!

Have a lovely Sunday!
- Daisy X


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