Sunday, 22 November 2015

Christmas Advent Calendar Swap!

This year I decided to take part in a Advent Calendar swap on a Facebook group!
I had seen multiple photos of these flying about Instagram on the Tiger Instagram accounts, and felt incredibly inspired.
They are currently holding a competition to create a 'pakkekalendar' which means 'countdown advent calendar'. The swap I signed up to on Facebook was planner themed. So all the goodies wrapped up are mainly stationery related and can be used in planning!

I went with a Candy Cane themed box, I found this simple striped wrapping paper in Wilkos, and wrapped up all the gifts. I then stamped out the number 1-25 onto some white paper, cut them out and stuck them on the gifts. I tried to order them so that they were evenly mixed. I obviously included multiple items in different styles. Whether that's numerous pens but different styles, or different styles of washi tape, I wanted to make sure they were all mixed up evenly so my swap partner wasn't opening all washi tapes from days 1-5 etc.
I shredded some white paper to pack in the box with all the goodies, not only did this help to pad things out and make them less likely to be damaged when I sent them to my swap partner in the post, but it gave a snowy feeling to the box!

I found some Candy Canes and decided to pack them between the gifts, as an added bonus to the gifts, it kind of made it like a 'pass the parcel'.
All the gifts included cost between 50p - £3.00 each, there was a limit with this swap to make sure everyone was getting an advent calendar of similar value. I shopped around and found lots of little gifts, bearing in mind that I had to fit 25 gifts into a box that needed to be posted to my swap partner. So I didn't want to make the box too big, or too heavy!

Lastly I wrote my swap partner a little Christmas card and packed everything in nicely with some added bubble wrap so nothing got damaged in the post.

I really enjoyed putting this together, and loved having a theme to go with.
I just wanted to thank Tiger for the inspiration on Instagram over the past few weeks! If you guys are interested in entering, there's not long left but you can find a link to the competition info here.

Fingers crossed my swap partner will enjoy this Calendar on the run up to Christmas!
It's definitely something fun to do for a fellow stationery lover, there seems to be tons of Beauty & make up advent calendars on the market, but not many in other areas.
I know Mrs Brimbles had stationery Advent Calendars this year, which sold out super quickly!

But yeh! Let me know if you guys have taken part in a swap like this in the past, or have done this year?!

- Daisy X


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