Monday, 9 November 2015

Fancy Paperie Etsy Shop Share!

So recently I was sent a beautiful package of paper goodies to share with you guys from Fancy Paperie!
 I featured them in my recent Collective Haul video, you can see that here.
Amanda, who is the owner of Fancy Paperie sent me a variety of products to show you, all of which she designed herself. She has a pretty unique style which is one of the things I really loved about her products. They have a lovely hand painted feel, and the colours used are so beautiful!

Above is the Pastel Floral letter set, included in this set are x6 green envelopes, x12 sheets of card stock to write on, and then x6 letter seal stickers. I was surprised that the cards you write on were in fact card not paper! It's definitely different to any other writing set I've had before, and I was really impressed with the quality of the card.
The stickers have been hand cut so they aren't 'perfect', but again I think that adds to the handmade feel of all the products.

The Fancy Floral postcard set was definitely my favourite out of everything I was sent!
I think I just preferred the pattern and colours used on these, plus I'm a bit of a sucker for pretty postcards. You get six in a pack, and they are completely blank on the back. These are also the only product I received which have a glossy finish to them, which I definitely prefer to the matt finish of all the other products.

Above is the Hello Doll Floral Greeting card, this was completely blank on the inside so it can be used for any occasion. I tend to use cards like this a lot when I'm sending RAK's or when I want to add a little note in a giveaway package. Alternatively if you want to write a letter to a penpal on something other than a letter set, greeting cards are just as lovely to use. 

The last thing Amanda sent me was one of the cards from her Holiday Greeting cards collection. Again this card is blank on the inside, so it is more versatile. You can buy this card in a pack of ten, you get x5 of this design, and then you'll receive x5 of the white fox design! They all come with a brown kraft envelope.

Overall I am impressed with Amanda's designs, they are beautifully unique and I can't wait to start using them! I feel like the print on the postcards is much better quality than the rest, I'm not sure whether this is just because they have a glossy finish or what. But they are just much more crisp than the other designs.
Saying that though, her prices are very reasonable for the products you receive. The postage is a little pricey to the UK, so definitely keep that in mind if you aren't from the US.

Overall I definitely encourage you to check out Amandas shop and social media links, all of which I will leave below for you:

Thanks so much for reading!

- Daisy X



  1. Amanda sent me some stationery to review on my tumblr (cutestationery) and I love it! Her designs are so cool

  2. So pretty =]