Sunday, 1 November 2015

Smash Book Sunday! | 7 |

For this Smash Book page, I ended up using a lot of packaging, and notes from when I bought stickers from various Etsy shops, to do a sticker haul on my YouTube Channel.
The main colours I based this page around are the little orange and pink squares on the pocket, at the bottom of the page. I searched through my Smash Box and found some other bits and pieces which went with those colours rather well and arranged them on the page!

Down at the bottom of the page is where I put most of the packaging for the shops.

♥ Thank you sticky note was from Swci Stationery.
♥ The blonde girl sticker was from the address label of my order from Michelle and Patch.
♥ The glasses and book sticker was from The Library Designs.
♥ 'Always Smile' note was from a penpal.
♥ The Apple label from a Kikki-k order.
♥ Orange Number washi I received as a gift.
♥ Navy triangle washi is from a Brimbles Box.
♥ Teardrop gems are from Hobbycraft.
Pink lace washi was a gift.

At the top and inside the pocket is where I put a lot of other random things that I just found in my Smash Box. I was surprised at how many things I had that just went with this page really well!

♥ Line of stamps from Anke Panke.
♥ 'To Daisy Love Emma x' label and orange packaging, is from a RAK I received.
♥ Various items in the pocket are notes I've received in orders, photos, postcards and other larger items I didn't want to use anywhere else, but still wanted to keep.
♥ 'Admit One' washi is from eBay.

I did do a video on this page, which you can watch here:

Thanks for reading!

- Daisy X


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