Sunday, 13 December 2015

Stationery Advent Goodies! [ Week One ]

So this year I have two Stationery Advent calendars to open!!
The first one was a swap I took part in on a Facebook group. We had to buy 24 little gifts and wrap them all individually to send to our swap partner!
The second Advent calendar is the one from Mrs Brimbles. She surprised all of us in her Design Team by sending us all one of her advent calendars, which was so awesome of her!

First of all (above) these were some of the items I've received in the Advent swap calendar. I can't remember which days were which, Julie actually forgot to number them so I've just been randomly picking a present out of the pile everyday haha. But I've really enjoyed randomly picking them, it's an added bit of fun and a little different to my Mrs Brimbles Advent calendar!

This was one of my favourite things I have received. It's a Heidi Swapp washi strip booklet. There's some beautiful designs in it! I can't wait to use them. They are a little more handy to store in your planner or take with you when you are travelling, rather than a whole roll of washi tape (or 20 rolls if you are me lol).

We then have some of the stationery that I got in the Mrs Brimbles Advent calendar. (The washi booklet and everything above it was from the Advent swap).  So far I've absolutely loved the variety of stationery I've received!! My favourite things so far from Mrs Brimbles' Advent is either the washi tape or the adorable duck paper clip!!

The true colour of this washi tape isn't picking up in the camera, but it's a proper turquoise colour! I just love it!!

So that was all of the stationery goodies I got in my Advent Calendars from the 1st - 6th of December. I know there's going to be quite a few items to include each week, so I'll try not to ramble on too much in these blogposts. More than anything I just wanted to share a kind of overview of what I've received, as I have had people asking!

Have you got a stationery Advent calendar this year? Or another kind?I also have a good old Dairy Milk chocolate calendar ;)

- Daisy X


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