Sunday, 20 December 2015

Stationery Advent Goodies! [ Week Two]

Week two brought many surprises yet again!! There was a massive variety of stuff, I love not knowing what I'm going to unwrap next. One day it's owl stickers, the next it's elephant pegs?!
The above photo is an overview of all of the goodies I got from both my advent calendars (Mrs Brimbles & Advent swap).

In the Mrs Brimbles Advent I got a couple of owl related goodies! There was a sticker sheet and a pencil sharpener. I'm planning to use the owl stickers in my journals, I use stickers like this to represent things like when I've had a late night, or if I've stayed up super late working, the phrase 'night owl' comes to mind. So decorating the day with owls would make sense.

There was also this minion pen (AHH MA GADDD) and pineapple washi tape! I have the washi tape in my shop, but I never kept one for myself because I had to limit myself to how many of the foil tapes I could keep from the stock. So it's really nice to have one I can actually keep and use myself!!

These stamps were from the Advent swap I received. I've seen these before in a set from Wilkos, I'm pretty sure I never got the set because I didn't think I'd use all of the stamps in the set. But this 'Hey!' and speech bubble were two of the stamps in the set I did actually like! Perfect to use on snailmail.

These stickers were very different, I've not seen them before but they are a very pretty font! I wasn't so sure on the colour, green is one of my least favourite colours and I do rarely use it (Ironic right, with the name 'MyGreenCow' lol), BUT I can always colour the letters, I could paint them, or use a permanent ink pad on them to make them black. Which is a colour I definitely use more often!

So yes that's week two of my advent goodies!!

Roll on week three! :D

- Daisy X