Thursday, 31 December 2015

Stationery Advent Goodies! [ Week's Three & Four]

So I thought I'd combine the last two weeks of my Christmas Advent Calendar goodies into one blog post. Please remember that all of this stuff was from two Calendars, not just one. I ended up getting a lot of Christmas themed goodies in the Advent Calendar swap which was slightly annoying, as by the time I'd opened them, Christmas was a couple of days away aha. But it was still nice to open up some happy Christmassy faces!

One of the things I received which was Christmassy I could easily use in my Christmas Journaling, and that was the set of mini pegs. They have Christmas phrases on and I absolutely love the unique colour scheme! They'll be a perfect addition to a Smash Book page or something which I don't mind being too bulky.

A couple of my favourite bits from the past couple of weeks have to be the Target Dollar Spot Gel Pens. Though they may be one of those extremely un-exciting things for anyone in the US, over here in the UK receiving something from this collection is super exciting! They are a super simple design but I really like them and think they'll be the perfect size to fit in a planner pen loop.

My other favourite was this notepad. It's completely different to anything I've seen before. I love the design on the cover, it has a quote saying "Creativity Takes Courage" which I think is just lovely, and so true. Then inside there's eight different styles of pages, and they are all so beautifully designed. I've shared one of the eight below:

One of my favourites from the Brimbles Advent Box was this vintage camera stamp. Not only is the image it stamps really lovely, but how stinking cute is the overall stamp?! It's a dinky little camera for goodness sakes, what's not to love?! I can see me getting a lot of use out of this!

Last of all the big gift in the Brimbles Advent Box was this desk storage/tidy/bag thingy!
The stuff inside it didn't come with it, it was empty but I've just been using it for holding my journaling supplies. It actually holds a lot of stuff! More than I thought it would.
There's a ton of pockets on it, and some neat little handles on the top so you can carry it about easily.
Definitely something that will come in very handy!

So that was the last of the goodies in my Stationery Advent calendars this year!
Overall I'm super chuffed with what I received, there was a brilliant variety and I can't wait to start using them all. There were a couple of bits that I don't think I'll use, but that is totally expected when receiving a surprise gift. But it's okay because I can just RAK those forward.

I want to say a massive thank you to Julie & Anna who put these two Advent Calendars together, you made the stressful run up to Christmas a little more exciting for me!

- Daisy X


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