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December ScrawlrBox! 2015

I'm sure a few of you will have already seen my unboxing video of the ScrawlrBox (if you haven't, I will add it to the bottom of this blogpost), but I wanted to do a blogpost on it to share some more detailed photos!

ScrawlrBox is a art supplies subscription box! It's full of random art supplies. At first I was a little unsure as to what to expect, how much would be inside and also what would be inside etc. But I really was pretty chuffed with the quantity and quality of the products inside! I was most definitely surprised.
I received seven art supplies and also a few other extras including a postcard, notebook and an adorable mini candy cane!! For £15 & free postage to the UK I thought it was definitely worth the money. I looked up a few of the pens after opening it and the Wink Of Stella Brush is worth around £5 on it's own.

This is the Wink Of Stella Brush (one of my favourites from the whole box!), the ink it completely beautiful and I can't wait to use it to add a bit of sparkle to art/journaling projects! It was a little messy and confusing to set it up and use it for the first time, but after having a look on youtube and following a tutorial I soon had it working.

Inside the box there was a handy dandy little info card with the name of each art supply and also a little information on each. This made it a lot easier to share with you all because I didn't have to find out what they were all called or what they do. The postcard included is beautiful, I love that kind of 'messy but neat' art with paint splatters and such. There was also this sticker which is the ScrawlrBox logo.

The notebook which was include was really nice, it has a kraft cover and plain paper inside. I am yet to test out the paper quality, but from a first look and feel it does seem pretty decent! I knew this box would contain some sort of pen's and drawing supplies but I didn't realise there would be a notebook too, so it was a nice little bonus.

On the back of the info card they include a challenge for you, which involves you creating something using just the supplies in the box. They give you a word to work with, and this month's word was 'Crystal'. I thought this was really unique and something I will most definitely have a go at! I'm not sure if I'll film a video for it yet, but we'll see!!

Along with the Wink Of Stella Brush pen, my other favourite in the box was this ZIG Millennium pen. I was completely blown away by just how fine the tip was! I knew this size of tip existed, but I'd never seen one close up before. I know I will get a lot of use out of this, whether it's in a art project or when I journal, the teeny tip will come in handy.

So that was a close up look at my December ScrawlrBox. Overall I was very impressed with it, I think it's a great way to grow your collection. There's such a massive selection of art supplies out there, this is such a nice way of trying new supplies you might never pick up. There's a few in here I don't think I'd have chosen in a shop, but after testing them out I now can't wait to use them!

 If you want to watch the unboxing, you can do so here:

Don't forget to check out the website here if you want to subscribe! Remember it is free P&P to the UK, and only £15 per box!

- Daisy X


*Please note, even though this box was sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.

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