Monday, 25 January 2016

DoCrafts Mini Cards & Stamp Set Review

Today I'm going to share my thoughts on these two packs of Mini Cards & Stamp Set's by DoCrafts.
I got to have a bit of a play with them today and I have mixed feelings about them, so if you are thinking of buying them, have a read through this first!

The cards themselves I have absolutely no problems with. The designs are beautiful, I'm excited to use them in my journals and in any happy mail I send out. Also the gold foil detailing on them is such a nice touch. You get six of each card design in a pack, and six of each envelope. For the price I think this is very reasonable. Above is the Geometric Neon pack, I think these colours are perfect for spring.

This is the Geometric Mono pack, the colours are very different obviously. They do still have the gold detailing though, and they have a different kind of winter vibe going on. Again I really like these, I don't have any problems with them. I actually received seven of the cards with 'dream' on, so I got a little bonus in my pack!

Here's the parts I had a little bit of an issue with... A very messy, sticky, pain in the bum, issue.
So the stamps are clear stamps,  I mentioned in my first look blogpost the other day that I could see the stamps had some sort of greasy substance on them, which I assumed was to stop them from drying out or something? But it had made the cardboard they were attached to go really soggy looking.

After using them, they left my acrylic block covered in this sticky, greasy mess, along with anything and everything they touched! I'm not sure if I did something wrong, or what. But I just couldn't understand why they were sooo greasy? I tried using baby wipes to clean them a bit, and sort my desk out, but they didn't help at all really they just kind of smeared it even more.
I did check the clear stamp that came in the magazine my mum got, which is from the same geometric collection and that was a proper clear stamp which had a plastic back and front.
These ones didn't have anywhere to store them. Usually clear stamps have a bit of plastic to stick to when you aren't using them, but they didn't. I luckily had some spare plastic from other stamps, but if you don't have plastic, I'm not sure how you are meant to store them.

As far as the actual stamps go, they were very good, they are detailed and not too squishy. So they stamped clearly. I used the silver ink, and neon pink ink that came with the packs. Then I also tried my Stazon ink. The 'enjoy' stamp was the only one which didn't fully stamp. The dot of the 'i' wasn't raised enjoy so it didn't catch the ink.
They definitely worked best with the Stazon ink, the others were okay but not really anything compared to Stazon. 

The pink ink didn't really apply to the stamp properly. I wiped it and tried again but it did the same, it stamped clear enough, but again it just wasn't great.

Overall I'd say if you are thinking of getting this pack for just the stamps, consider the fact that they are kind of messy, there's no where to store them afterwards and the ink they come with really aren't the best.

The card are really nice, great quality. The stamp designs are really nice, I can see me using them a lot. But of course I'll be using my own ink and this is after I've found a new home for them and cleaned up the mess they originally made.

I was a little disappointed with these, I did expect a little more from the stamps as I've not had issues with this brand in the past.

You can find the new DoCrafts products online:

- Daisy X


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