Saturday, 23 January 2016

First Look At The DoCrafts Geometric Collections!

When I saw this collection (thanks to Geraldine!!!), I immediately fell in love! The Geometric pattern is clearly 'in' right now and I am definitely a fan. I actually didn't think I'd be able to get my hands on anything from the collections at first. I know they were stocking them at the Range, but with me and my boyfriend going long distance at the moment, I had not way to get there.

I then found that my local stationery store was stocking some of the collection and nipped in when I was in town the other day. They didn't have a ton of stuff but I picked up a few bits.
I decided to ask my boyfriend if he was going into town, whether he would pop into the Range to see if they had anything from the collection. Turns out they did! I asked if they had the scrapbook set (this was one of the items I'd had my eye on from when I first saw the collection), and he said they didn't. So I asked what else they had and he sent me a few photos. He picked me up some bits, and asked if I wanted him to send them down to me. I said no because I had a lot of new stuff to go through already (a few things brands had sent me and also a cheeky little Hey Little Magpie order).

Then Friday a package arrives for me .... From my boyfriend.... Turns out they DID have the scrapbook set, he had decided to surprise me instead!! One happy girlfriend and a handful of boyfriend points to Jack!

The Scrapbook itself looks kind of Smash Book style, with patterned pages etc. So I'm very interested to see what the quality will be like. Inside there's also a load of little bits and pieces to use for decoration. The Geometric collection comes in two styles there's the 'Neon' which is obviously this Scrapbook, and then there's the 'Mono' which is more golds, greys, black & white. The Neons are definitely more me, and with Spring coming up I'm pretty sure they will be perfect to use!

From my local stationery store I picked up two of the Mini Card & Stamp sets, one in each of the geometric colour schemes. These come with 12 little cards 12 envelopes and then two stamps and a little ink pad. It says '15pk' as they count a card and an envelope as one thing.
When buying things like this, I always work out if it's 'worth the money' but dividing the price by how many items are in the pack. If I would buy them individually at that price, then I think it's worth it. If I think it's a little steep, then I'm a little reluctant.
For these though I think they are definitely worth the price, the cards and envelopes are very versatile, I can think of lots of uses for them. 

The only thing I was a little unsure about was the stamps. They are obviously ones you need an acrylic block for, but they are stuck to some cardboard backing. Because they have been covered in some sort of greasy substance to stop them from drying out, they've made the cardboard kind of soggy. I dunno, it looks gross, but fingers crossed they'll be fine once I've got them on a acrylic block!

The last thing I picked up was this adhesive stencil from my local stationery store! I've never used stencils before, so it will be interesting to see what I can do with this one. I loved the patterns and I did have a few ideas for it when I picked it up in the shop, so I'm excited to see what I can do!
I do need to get some sort of sponge dabber & some inks from somewhere though, because at the moment any ink/paint supplies I've got would be really messy to use.

I am going to be two more blogposts on this collection very soon. One will be purely about the scrapbook set, and the other will be on the card and stamp sets!
If you have any questions on any of those products, then let me know below and I'll try to answer them those blogposts for you.
The stencil I will probably do a blogpost on after I've got the right supplies to test it out.

Here is where you can find these products online:

I'd love to know what you think of this new collection, and also if you have purchased anything from it!

- Daisy X


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