Sunday, 24 January 2016

Pipsticks Pro Pack, January 2016!

So this month I've decided to share my Pipsticks Pro Pack on my blog instead of my YouTube channel, purely because I've got a lot of other things planned for my channel over the next few weeks and didn't want to stress myself out too much with fitting everything in!
Also I didn't share a December pack as it got lost in the post unfortunately.

This is the January Pipsticks Pro Pack, and I am very excited to have one of these in my hands again, it feels like it's been ages.
Seeing as the envelope is translucent, I can see some little faces looking back at me. So I was looking forward to getting this pack open! As always I'll leave pricing info and also a discount code at the bottom of this blogpost so if you are interested in subscribing, you can do so and save a bit of money!

This month I noticed the info sheet has changed slightly. It's had a little 'upgrade' and I love it! It's so lovely to have more to read and also some things to do too. There was a recipe on there, along with some photos from Instagram users who had shared a photo of their packs. I really loved reading this info sheet, it's been designed so nicely too, all the information just flows into one another.
The theme of this month's pack is based around chilling out and eating healthy. Hence there being lots of cats and fruit! 

These were the cat stickers that were included. I'm not a massive cat lover myself, but I do love the odd cute cat in my sticker stash. There were a lot of different styles of cat stickers in this month's pack. My two favourites out of them were the pair of ADORABLE stickers at the bottom, I think the artwork is just so cute. Then also the sort of 'doodle' style ones in the middle, I loved the pink, teal and orange, colour combinations on this sheet.

We then move onto the fruit stickers! First of all I have to take a moment to appreciate the smell of the puffy sticker sheet. I'm not sure if there's anyone else out there who loves this smell as much as me, but they smell like beach balls, or like old school dance mats!! The smell was so strong the whole pack smelt like it, my nose was in it's element haha!
(Mum if you are reading this blogpost, I know you love this smell too, and I'll let you have a smell of them when you are feeling better!!) 
The other fruit sticker sheet were these dinky little glittery ones. There's been a few sheets like this in past Pipsticks Pro Packs and they come in sooo handy when you have a little gap to fill.

These are my favourites from this month's pack. Of course the beach ball smelling fruit stickers are in my favourites, and that's pretty obvious why! I also loved these space themed sticker flakes, which have gold foiling, they are just beautiful, and these sock stickers on this sheet are also a favourite. The design is very detailed and I know I'll have to find somewhere special to use them.

I can't recommend Pipsticks enough. I think it's a brilliant idea and also a lot cheaper than any other subscription services.
If you are just starting out planning/journaling and/or want to grow your sticker supplies, this is a great way to do it. You get a massive variety each month, and there's always something in there for everyone.

If you would like to subscribe and join the Pipsticks Pro Club then you can do so here.
There's also a Pipsticks Kids Club option if you want to subscribe for your kids.

Prices are very reasonable for a non UK subscription:
Pipsticks Pro Club Classic Pack - $14.95/£10.50 + $3/£2.10 P&P (Per month)
In the Classic pack you get 15+ sheets of stickers, a postcard & a quote card.

Pipsticks Pro Club Petite Pack - $9.95/£7 + $3/£2.10 P&P (Per month)
In the Petite Pack you get 7+ sheets of stickers, and a mini quote card.

You can also get 15% off these prices when you subscribe, if you use the code GREEN15 

(Price conversions are not exact, also remember that Pipsticks subscriptions can be cancelled anytime.)

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got this month! I'm off to go sort these into my journaling stash now hehe.

- Daisy X


*Please note, even though this pack was sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.

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