Friday, 1 January 2016

What I Got For Christmas, 2015!

HELLOOOO! So first of all I want to say Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and everything in between! I hope you have all had a lovely December. Mine has been pretty stressful if I'm honest, but I'm so grateful for my family who helped to make this Christmas super relaxed and got me some amazing gifts to put a smile on my face.

I haven't included everything in this blogpost, purely because it won't all fit on my desk, and also because they are the more 'generic' gifts like socks and smelly's! (Which I love just as much as everything in these photos, but they are generic and there's not really much to share about them haha)
Everything on here is from my family, Jack and also Chloe!! Who is one of my penpals.

So going from the left to the right, we have a mixture of Smash Book goodies and the Tim Holtz tape which is all from Chloe! I can't wait to use these goodies in my Smash Books, I haven't seen the yellow Smash Book pad before surprisingly!
We then have some crafty goodies from my family, my mum chose quite a few bits and pieces from the Simple Stories 'I Am' collection which are all so beautiful, the colours and font style are just perfect.
There's then two DVD's which Jack got for me, and they are Big Hero 6 & Pitch Perfect 2. He had obviously been listening to me earlier in the year when I mentioned these!

Now there's a lot of books by YouTuber's available right now, and I do have a couple of them already. But I have struggled to read them, I'll admit I haven't yet managed to finish Zoella's Girl Online... the first one. Reading is something I always struggle with, my brain is very occupied by colours and images, so for me to sit down, take time out of my day and read a book that's all words, I do struggle to stick with it.
So I asked for Joe Sugg's new book, Username Evie. It's a graphic novel, so is set out like a comic book. This style of reading is something that of course instantly jumps out at me. I'm actually really excited to read it!
There's also a notebook my mum bought me, I was actually with her when she bought it. She got it when we went to London for the Tiger Gift wrapping Crafternoon event. Just a nice little memento from the day.
The Alphabet stickers were from Chloe again, part of the bundle of Smash Book goodies she got me!!

On the left is the new fox Fauxdori Jack got me from Lyra & Co !!! Another one to add to my collection, it's SO pretty. On the inside it has orange & white chevrons, it all goes together so perfectly, love it!
The necklace is from my mum, it has a little gold acorn on it. There's a little quote which goes with it, she bought it for me when we thought I'd be up north for Christmas. So it was to represent strength, but it still means a heck of a lot to me even though I was down south with her for Christmas. I'm going to need to be strong for the next few months, I'm going to be ripped out of my comfort zone and slapped straight into a brand new house 300 miles away.
On the right is my new planner! It's the Yellow medium Kikki-k!! I did know I was getting this, but it was still so fun to open on Christmas day. I can't wait to use it in 2016, I reckon it'll be so nice to use in the Summer.
At the bottom is a giant Jammie Dodgers tin, with lots of Jammie Dodgers inside. I love these sort of novelty tins. It will make a perfect biscuit tin in our new house.

Another gift from my family was this Maggs London make up bag! I'd mentioned it to my mum, but completely forgotten about it, so this really was a proper surprise!!
I've watched The Michalaks for I'd say a little under a year now, and I just adore their little family. I love how their videos are put together and I think they are just genuinely lovely people. When I first saw the Make Up bags I fell in love with the sweet one. I wear make up, but all the make up bags I've seen available are like either pink with bows or frills or this weird plastic material that shows up every finger print. Which are all of course totally fine, and that might be your thing, but for me.. a make up bag covered in pic 'n mix sweets is ten times more appealing!
It was quite expensive for a make up bag, which is why I've put of buying it in the past, and also why I never in a million years thought my mum would buy it. But she did and I'm so very grateful for that!

This necklace was another gift from Jack, and it's truly beautiful. I'm really into my mixed metal jewellery at the moment (coincidently my mum didn't know this when she bought the acorn necklace!!), and after our last date of 2015, before Jack went back up north, we walked past a little jewellery shop in town and I saw this necklace. He then managed to find it online and get it for me for Christmas. It was a total surprise I didn't know he had managed to get it, seeing as the shop was closed when we looked and he was going up north the next day.

Last of all my Noodoll family grew by two this year! Jack really did good with picking out gifts, like really good. He knows me very well.
If you've followed me on Instagram for a while you will have seen these adorable little faces popping up every now and again. The two at the front were the once he got me this year, the others he had bought me in previous years, and for birthdays! I absolutely love these, they are the cutest little things.
Some of the other things I haven't mentioned separately which are in the first photo are the Moomin cup which was from Jack, and the Moomin t.shirt which was from my family. I still completely love my Moomin's!

So yes, that was basically everything I got this year! I'm so happy with everything, I love my family a lot. I love Jack a lot. I'm also very grateful to have friends like Chloe who although we haven't met (yet) I can count on to put a smile on my face! Ps. Chloe if you are reading this, I'll have something on it's way to you very soon!

I hope you all have a great start to 2016, it's an exciting year for me with moving and everything, so I can't wait to get the ball rolling! 

- Daisy X


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