Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Ashley G Checklist Roller Stamp Review

Somewhen in January someone shared a link to this roller stamp in the UKPA Facebook group.
It was available on Amazon for £3.82 + free postage, so I decided to grab it.
I was honestly curious as to just how well it would work because if it worked well it would be a pretty handy tool to have!

The tool is a Checklist Roller Stamp, from Studio Calico by Seven Paper. The stamp handle has 'Ashley G' on it, so I assume that might be the designer? Not 100% sure though.

So the stamp actually has a lot of different designs on it, plenty to choose from for different purposes. 
I did find a few things that were a little bit of a struggle to do. Lining up the symbols when you turn the little cog on the stamp was a little tedious, trying to check it was all straight. Actually stamping the line vertically was a really unnatural way to stamp (for me at least), I found that to get an even stamp I would have to stamp the check list horizontally, and turn my whole page around. 
One other thing that would be worth noting is that if you want to stamp different symbols all at once (as shown on the last line of symbols in the photo above), they won't all stamp neatly. They are obviously slightly different in height, and as you can see the circle box missed the bottom off because the '+' symbol next to it is raised slightly higher.
They aren't mega downers, I reckon I'd honestly just need a bit of practice with stamping them.

I thought this blank strip was really handy, and I didn't actually know it had it when I first bought it. So if you don't want six symbols then you can change that. Also if you wanted bigger gaps between them you could alternate between a symbols and a blank.
It think it will definitely help when it comes to using this for a variety of things. If I wanted to decorate something with little teeny hearts or stars, then I could just have one symbol showing and the rest blank, making it into a super mini stamp!

Overall I'd say for £3.82 it is worth it. It can be fiddly, but for using in my planner or for using in my journals I think it will definitely come in handy!

Like I said before I got it on Amazon, but it has sold out since then.
I will still leave the link (here) incase it comes back in stock.

- Daisy X



  1. Oh, I love that stamp! Great idea, thanks for review! <3

  2. love this! need to have a hunt for where stocks it, can't see it at all on Amazon :( looks super useful

    1. I know, I did search about for a link, but I couldn't find it anywhere :( fingers crossed it'll come back on amazon!!! X

  3. I really love this stamp - I mostly use it for my Project Life, but it makes occasional appearances in my planner! It has a bit of learning curve, but as someone who doesn't need perfectly straight check boxes, this works for me better than a clear check list stamp!

    the Noveltea Corner

    1. Yes! I think I prefer it to a clear stamp even though it's a faff to get straight, it's just much more versatile :)