Tuesday, 2 February 2016

DoCrafts Scrap Book Set Review

As you know I recently did a blogpost reviewing and sharing the DoCraft Mini Card & Stamp Set (here), overall I wasn't mega impressed by it. Today I have the Scrap Book set to share, and I just want to say.. TEN times better, I'm totally in love with it!

So I did mention briefly in the main blogpost I did on these items, that my boyfriend actually surprised me with this. We are currently going long distance and I asked if The Range local to him had this collection in stock, and in particularly this scrapbook set. He said no they didn't so I believed him and he picked me up some other little bits and pieces instead whilst he was there. 
The next day I received this in the post! Sneaky bugger!

The set comes with a Scrap Book (duh), and then a load of little embellishment bits! Including, pockets, paperclips, stickers and caption tabs! This is obviously the Geometric Neon set, but it does come in the Geometric Mono style too.

The pages are very similar to a Smash Book, each one is a different pattern, and the patterns are completely gorgeous! If you don't want to pay around £15 for a Smash Book, then this is a good alternative for £14.95 you get the embellishments with it too!
The pages are card, so they are a really nice quality and they definitely feel like you'd be able to add a decent amount to them without it ripping or pulling away from the spiral.

At the back of the Scrap Book there is this envelope pocket which is such a nice touch. I think it'll be handy to pop little extras in that I want to add to the Scrap Book right away. I am also tempted to turn it into a separate feature in itself, making a little mini layout to go inside it.
Either way it gives me ideas on how I can use envelopes in my journaling, they definitely add a bit of interest to the page!

Whilst we are on the pocket topic, this pack also came with few little mini pockets to stick in and use! These are so adorable, and perfect to pop on a page to store something you don't necessarily want to be stuck down permanently.
There were are three different designs, and you get two of each. These definitely inspired me to want to make my own out of all the pretty card stock I have accumulated, they look pretty simple to make.

Other than the beautiful colour co-ordinating paperclips that were included in the pack, there is also this little tab/caption pad thingy. Not really sure if this has an 'official' name but yeh! I've seen them about before, they basically have perforations along the edges so you can just rip off the one you need and stick/staple/glue it down. I love that this little pad has a couple aimed towards captioning pages or photos, and also a couple that can be used for decoration.

So my overall thoughts on this Scrap Book set? I love it to bits. It's right up my street with the colours, I love all the patterns that have been used, and it's genuinely a really good quality Scrap Book.
The price is very reasonable and I really hope they bring out more like this in the future!

The only thing I'd say that may be considered a negative, would be that I don't think it's the type of Scrap Book to take bulk very well. Though very similar to a Smash Book, I plan to only put flat things in here. So I won't go over the top with embellishing pages etc. The spiral is the same size, but I feel like the Smash Book's cover is made to hold bulk, where as this Scrap Book's cover is not.

I am very tempted to get the Geometric Mono one, but I can't really spend money on another one right now. Maybe if they are still available once I've filled this one, I'll grab it. But we shall see!

You can purchase this Scrap Book Set online here:

Or you can of course take a look at your local craft store to see if they stock them.

- Daisy X



  1. Mmmm, I love those! <3 It´s a pitty they are hard to get from here... :/

  2. This looks really lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Saw this in the range, didnt have money to get it but cant wait, hopefully they have some left, they've been rather popular =]