Friday, 12 February 2016

Happy Mail For Jack!

I put together this card/letter/mini project thing for Jack almost two weeks go now, but I obviously didn't want to do a blogpost on it until he had definitely received it!!
I did briefly mention a little bit about this, on an Instagram photo I posted. But basically, me and Jack are currently going long distance (again, lost count of how many times this is now), and we would always send each other mail, but recently I haven't really sent him anything.

We are going to be moving into our own place very soon, it was mean to happen at the end of 2015 but didn't. There's been delays with the process and the house is still a complete mess. BUT it's all moving along gradually, and we are closer than we've ever been before.

Anyways, I wanted to put together a nice bit of happy mail for him, seeing as once we've moved in together, this is something we will no longer be able to do!

I picked up this Paperchase card a while back, and I kept it to send to Jack. But I wanted to do something a bit more fun with it, instead of just writing a little message inside.
I had plenty of ideas whizzing around my head, so like always I just rolled with them. No planning, no initial colour scheme to go by, just my brain ideas and trying things out as I go.

When you open it up this is what you first see. I added a large journaling card in the middle so I can have an extra page to work on, and a smaller journaling card on the left with a beautiful quote on.

Because the larger journaling card was very orangey, I went with that as a colour scheme for this section. I picked out some gold and orange tapes, and also put a splash of red & orange watercolour on the bottom section. At the top of the left side I added some film strip washi tape and a fun sticker from Anke Panke, along with a little sun emoji sticker.

When you open the flap on the left, there is one of my favourite little photo collages. This is from the only holiday me and Jack have ever been on together, we went to surprise my family in Cornwall. We were laying on one of my favourite beaches in Cornwall, trying to take a nice selfie but the sun was so bright we couldn't actually see what was being taken. We were trying our best to smile and then ended up laughing because we couldn't see what was going on, none of the photos were overly posed, they were natural and lovely.
On the left hand side I added a little caption. Over the photo collage I added a little bit of 'Love You' Washi Tape from HEMA, and a kiss face emoji sticker.

When you flip the larger journaling card over, this is what it on the other side. This colour scheme was a little more random, each side sort of has it's own colours going on. 
I was going to have two flaps in this section but I didn't like how it would be unbalanced, having double flaps at the bottom of each of the pages.

The left hand side flap is a square journaling card which meant I could stick a larger photo onto it. It is a photo I found on Pinterest and has a very similar layout to our living room. Obviously it's not exact, but having visual goals is always really nice especially since the whole moving process is taking such a long time. 
Hooked onto the photo is a little Noodoll bookmark I got for Christmas from Jack. I've found these really hard to use because they are so cute, so I've been hoarding them. But adding this one to a card to Jack means I technically get to keep it about right?!

When you open the flap there's another photo, this one is actually a photo of some polaroid photos I took when we went on a little trip up to Pendle Hill. It was the first time I'd tried my Instax camera to take selfie's and it was hard to know what was in shot and what wasn't. It was also super sunny which never helps things haha.
On the back of the square journaling card flap, I attached a little bingo card. I got these in a Hey Little Magpie random grab box (I think), and the instructions on how to use them confused me. So I basically told Jack to use a random number generator to generate ten numbers. If he got a row then he would win a prize. Funny enough he didn't win, even after letting him have two extra goes!!

Last of all I added a little photo of our new house, with a sarcastic caption of 'hopefully by spring yeh?!' seeing as moving in wasn't happening anytime soon. But now looking at the timescale and what's getting done with the house, it will most likely be somewhen around Springtime that we move in! I used a mixture of alphabet stickers from Hey Little Magpie, HEMA and the 'Spring' sticker is from a Simple Stories sheet.

So that's how my little happy mail project for Jack turned out. I was really chuffed with it, even though it's a bit all over the place. I enjoyed making it and he was totally surprised to receive it, so all in all it was a success!! 

It definitely makes me want to do more happy mail projects like this, because they are so different to other sorts of mini projects. You know you are making them to make someone else smile, so there's a lot of motivation to make it as fun and interactive as possible.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I created, and thank you for reading!

- Daisy X