Saturday, 20 February 2016

Hey Little Magpie Haul, January 2016!

Sooooo Hey Little Magpie had another sale recently, with up to 50% off. I couldn't resist taking a look, and ultimately that lead to me filling my cart and checking out. OOPS!
But I did get some really nice bits and pieces, there was so much stuff available and it was a rush and a half to get it in my cart and checkout before things sold out. When there's a sale on, people go crazy!

(12x12 sheets were 44p each) 

So the first load of stuff I picked up was paper & cardstock, I got lots of 12x12 sheets and 6x6 pads. With the 12x12 sheets I was tempted to get the whole paper pad's of, but I knew I had a lot of 12x12 pads already and I'm kind of running out of space to store them (yup, I'm a paper hoarder). So instead I went through and picked out odd sheets that I liked the look of. 
A lot of the sheets I chose were yellow patterns, and I also got a lot of sheets from the Office Suite collection by Fancy Pants Designs. I could have probably bought the whole paper pad of this collection because it was beautiful, but I held back and just picked out my favourites!

(6x6 pads ranged from £2.49 - £2.99 each)

The 6x6 pads I got were these, from left to right there's the We R Memory Keepers Hello Darling, Chickaniddy Crafts 365, Basic Grey Prism, and Crate Paper Craft Market. I love picking up 6x6 pads, I tend to use these for Pocket Letters or projects where you need lots of different patterns to choose from. It's a lot easier to have five 6x6 pads on the desk at once, rather than five 12x12 pads!
Also it's nice to get a taster of the types of paper in the pad, and if I really like them I can always hunt down the 12x12 version!

(Both stamp sets were £7.49 each, and the alphabet stickers were £2.74)

I picked up a couple of stamp sets I hadn't seen before, I'm always hunting down alphabet stamps because it's great to have a range to choose from when you are crafting, I also liked how this one came with additional symbols too. The arrow phrase stamps I thought would be just perfect for journaling! I could either stamp them out on separate paper and cut it out, or stamp straight onto the page.
I got some alphabet stickers, these were a bargain because you get six sheets in the pack, and each sheet is a different colour.

(Amy Tangerine Rise & Shine Ticket Memo Pad, £1.49)

This was a bit of a gamble because the photo's on the listing didn't really show much. It was called a 'ticket memo pad' but it didn't say how many sheets were in it and you couldn't tell from the photo. But I took the price into consideration and the fact that it was an Amy Tangerine product, and thought that whatever they are and however many they are, they are going to be pretty. I was pleasantly surprised and wish I'd picked up a couple more! For the price you got six different designs, and four sheets of each. They have perforations at the top so they can be ripped out the pad easily, and of course the designs are just beautiful! I think these will come in very handy in my journals, they remind of my journaling cards and I'll probably end up using them in a similar way.

(Dear Lizzy Fine & Dandy Thickers, £2.49)

I decided to grab some Alphabet Thickers, I've never had Thickers before but I've seen them about and always wanted to try them! Seeing as they were on offer I thought I may as well get some.
I loved this style it's bold but not too sharp, like the corners are very slightly rounded off. You get quite a lot in a pack and as they are Thickers they are obviously kind of foamy so slightly raised. Of course this means they won't be the best Alphabets to use inside flat journals, but they will be great for other Happy Mail projects etc.

(Project Life Weekly Edition & Project Life Textures, £2.49 each)

I couldn't not grab some journaling cards especially when there were so many pretty ones available. I decided to go for these two packs, which were something a little different to the style I usually go for. The patterns and colours are a lot bolder, the designs on them are a more 'real life' style. I'm glad I went for some a little different, even though I might find it harder to use them because they aren't what I'm used to. It will be nice to have the option of using a different sort of colour scheme etc.

( We R Memory Keepers Love Notes, £3.99)

This set of journaling cards were more the style I usually go for, kind of an airy fairy colour scheme with lots of flowing text. I grabbed this set because I'm moving in with my boyfriend this year, so there's going to be more time spent together, more dates and more time to appreciate one another. I will obviously want to document some of the good times in my journals so it's going to be nice to have some journaling cards that can go along with that! I thought this pack was a complete bargain. There's 100 cards in the pack, a mixture of two sizes and they all have such fun designs.

(12x12 sheets range from 44p - £1.75)

Last of all I got some 12x12 sheets of stickers and journaling cards that can be cut out. I did get a couple of sheets of some of these as they were just so pretty.
The on on the far right is acetate with gold foiling, so it will look beautiful layered on top of other papers.
I also really liked the grey sheet of mini journaling cards, they are a lot smaller than the usual journaling card size, so for my dori journaling they will fit in there great.
I got a sheet of pink alphabet stickers, I've had these in other colours before so I know they are great to use.
I also got a sheet of decorative stickers (the sheet with the 'hello' brown tag on & flower etc.), these were just super pretty, and I didn't want to miss out on them.

If you are from the UK I highly recommend checking out Hey Little Magpie (of course they ship elsewhere too, but being a UK based business their shipping prices are great).
The shipping is always super quick, and the range they have is great. I usually only purchase stuff when there's a sale one because I don't reaaaalllllllyyyy 'need' anymore craft stuff yet haha, but if they are going for a good price I can't help but place an order!

My total for everything came to around £50, that's shipping & tax included. Which I thought was actually really good for the amount of stuff I got.

- Daisy X


(I bought these in January, which is why this blogpost is titled with 'January')


  1. I'm always on the website but never bought anything, need to invest soon 😊

    1. Definitely do ;) Haha!! They have the grab boxes available at the moment, which I've had many of in the past. You always get a lot of stuff in a box, great value!