Monday, 22 February 2016

Japan Fun Box Journaling Page!

If you saw my most recent vlog (here), you will have see the unboxing I did of the Japan Fun Box. Well after opening it and trying all the goodies with my family, I decided to journal a little bit about it because it was just so much fun.
I suppose you could count this as a kind of review at the same time, because I wrote down all my thoughts on the box, in my journal.
I did find this page a lot harder to put together because all the photo's had so many different colours in, but used what I hard available and I'm happy with the outcome!

I decided to use a double spread, as I had quite a few photos to stick in. I printed them off in a few different sizes on my Canon Selphy printer. I decided to have my favourite photos on the outside and then put the other ones underneath. 
I used watercolours to incorporate similar colours on both sides, and kind of bring the two pages together a little better (I highly recommend getting yourself a set of watercolours for journaling, it's amazing what a splash of colour can do to a page!). I went through my journaling card stash and pulled out some that went with the colours in the photos. I then did the same with my washi tape stash. Once I had lots of things in front of me, I went ahead and put the page together!

I used this frame card to go over the bigger photo collage of my dog. I didn't want to stick it down completely because it would have hidden some of the shots, and I didn't want to lose them. So instead I attached it as a flap using some strawberry washi tape (here). I planned to have my photo of the strawberry sweets on the bottom section of the opposite page, so putting this strawberry tape up here helped to balance that a little.
I added two dates to the page (I tend to do this a lot with my journaling pages), the first date is when it happened, so when we all sat down and went through the Japan Fun Box together. Then the second date is when I decided to journal and put this page together.

(Emoji Stickers are from eBay. Thin gold glitter tape is from Cloudy Cow. Triangle Paperclip is from HEMA. Font stickers are from a Lah De Dah set from Hobbycraft. Yellow arrow sticky note was a gift.)

This is the other strawberry section I was talking about. This flap was originally the backing to a pack of stickers, it had a wood effect (which you will see when I show you the inside of the flap) and on the back I decided to cover it with some 6x6 paper which looked a little bit like newspaper print.
I added a photo of my two favourite things from the Japan Fun Box! I knew I'd like the strawberry sweets from the get go, but the Alfort chocolate biscuit things surprised me! As soon me and my brother took a bite we looked at each other and knew exactly what they tasted like. They basically tasted like childhood in the form of chocolate iced gems.
Anyways I added some washi tape decoration some stickers, and a little caption on a yellow arrow sticky note.

(Meh heart sticker from "Yay!" sticker from Anke Panke. Totoro sticker from Cloudy Cow)

When you open the flap, this is what is on the inside. I decided to add another little journaling card under here as a flap, because I wanted to make sure I had space to stick down all the photo's I'd taken.
There were a few things in the Japan Fun Box that I wasn't too keen on, and funny enough no-one in my family was up for trying the wasabi nuts!
On the right hand side I attached one of the sweet wrappers to the flap with a triangle paperclip. It had some adorable little characters on it so I wanted to keep on as a memento. It's a really casual way to keep something on a page, but I love attaching things with paperclips.

I attach all the flaps into my journal using strips of washi tape, I know there's multiple ways to do this but I simply have a strip on the front and on the back! I was tempted to add some thin washi or little corners to the photos on this mini flap, but there wasn't a ton of space so I didn't want it to end up looking messy. I think there's enough going on around it to keep your eyes occupied!

For a change I chose to handwrite some little captions straight onto the page. I've not done this in a while (mainly because I've got so many awesome stickers to use in my journaling stash) but also because I'm always so terrified of ruining it! But I've realised that I'm not scared of going into to a project with no plan, so I shouldn't be scared to just try out any ideas I have for the page! If it turns out rubbish and bugs me I can always glue the pages together and try again.

(Typewriter font alphabet stickers from Hobbycraft. Pig sticker from Pipsticks.)

So yeh! That's how my journaling pages turned out for the Japan Fun Box. I've left the journaling on the pages un-blurred so of course feel free to read about it.

Overall I think the Japan Fun Box is very reasonably priced for the amount of stuff you get in it, the variety is great (it's not just sweets and chocolate, there's savoury items too!) and of course it's free delivery which is great. The only reason I wouldn't want to subscribe to the original sized box right now is because of the amount of stuff that didn't get eaten. I would consider the smaller size though as the whole experience was absolutely hilarious. The foods we have in the UK are so different and it was really nice to get a taste (literally!) of Japan!!

If you'd like to check out the Japan Fun Box then you can do so here.

- Daisy X


*Please note, even though the Japan Fun Box was sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company.

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