Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Craftin' Chaos Goodies!! March 2016

So a while back Deb from Crafin' Chaos sent me a gift in the post! It arrived around the busy period where I was all over the place and didn't know where to start with life in general haha. But since I've been getting through my 'box of stuff I really really really want to share because of awesomeness reasons', I've finally got around to doing a blogpost on these goodies!
Deb also very kindly sent me another gift more recently which is also just as amazing!!
But first of all were these minion goodies...

Deb actually designed this minion herself and made me all of these amazing things for my planner using it! She included an A5 dashboard, a bookmark pocket type of thing? Never seen them before but it looks really cool! Then she also sent me a paperclip. I love them so much, they now have a home in my yellow Kikki-k! She has clearly put so much time into making them so I couldn't really not share them with you guys. 

I've had Deb's paperclips before, there was one in the October Brimbles Box so I know the quality of them are brilliant. The details on this clip are crazy, you can't see it in the photo but the pink does actually have a shimmer on it and she's even added little blushed cheeks to the face. Deb clearly has a lot of patience and a good eye because it's all so so neat, the details are just soooo teeny!

The other things I received more recently were these washi tape holders! When she released them I fell in love with the Totoro designs (obviously). She has a few different designs to choose from, you can easily pop them in your planner so you can always have some washi tape with you! They are slightly wider than the A5 sized pages so the tips of Totoro's ears on both holders stick out, this means I will be able to easily find them if I have them somewhere else in my planner rather than just in the front section.

I managed to fit three different washi tapes on them, two of the 15mm size and then one which is a little wider. I think they are a great idea, super handy, and also it's something else that's pretty to look at in your planner right?!

So those are my goodies from Craftin' Chaos, you can have a nosey at her shop here.
She doesn't have a shipping option to the UK unfortunately, so this will be one for those of you in the US!!
Thank you Deb for the awesome gifts you are so kind, and I love them so much!

- Daisy X


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