Sunday, 13 March 2016

Creative Books: Anti Journal, Post This & Calm Colouring!

I've had lots of messages and comments asking me about my Anti Journal, why I've stopped making videos on it? Have I still got it? Do I still use it? Will the videos be coming back? Etc. etc. etc.... So I thought I'd post a little blogpost just updating you on my creative books, where they've been, and when they'll be back!

So there's two 'creative books' (books which sole purpose is to get you thinking creatively) and one colouring book, they all have one author in common (Hi Dave if you are reading!). As you guys know I've had my Anti Journal for a year now and I used it a ton over the summer months, then when winter time rolled around I put it to one side.
I only did this because I went through that time during November where I sort of moved and then things didn't go to plan and everything was all up in the air and stressful, so I decided I had enough going on and that I could only really keep up with a few projects. I prioritised my 365 day photo project and my daily journal. Everything else only really happened when I felt like it and had time spare. It's not that I didn't want to carry on with these, it's just they weren't a daily project I needed to prioritise, they were just something I enjoyed doing and didn't have the time to use.

Since receiving these books, I've gained quite a few more followers who may not have seen them before. So I thought I'd do a little intro to the books, so when I start posting about them again, you'll know what's what!

The Anti Journal! First of all you can find my playlist of videos here, so you can see all the pages I've already completed in this book. But the Anti Journal is a prompt book, very much like the Wreck This Journal, but I do kind of prefer the Anti Journal for a couple of reasons (I do have a Wreck This Journal, so I did have a fair comparison). The Anti Journal encourages you to think twice about what you are doing, usually combining two prompts on one page so you have to some how fit them together. I found the Wreck This Journal to be very blunt and to the point, which is totally fine, don't get me wrong! But I do enjoy the challenge the Anti Journal sets you.

The Post This Book is the newest of all three of these books, and as you may be able to tell from the title it's a book that incorporates social media into the process. This one I've had the least amount of time to play around with, but I'm honestly itching to get started with it.
I have had a flip through it though and it seems like it's much more social media orientated than it is creative, so if you are a fan of Instagram photo challenges or something similar, then this book might be something you would like. I am determined to find a way to get creative with it though!

Last of all The Little Book Of Calm Colouring, this one is of course a colouring book, and is honestly the only one I've actually stuck with and gone back to time and time again. I've got my hands on a few colouring books, but this one just has the types of images that I enjoy colouring. The lines are bold and because of the dinky size, the colouring process isn't so long so the satisfaction of finishing a page happens more frequently.
I did do a video on this one so if you want to see a few more of the pages and hear my full thoughts and opinions on it then you can watch that here.

So there you go, these are my creative books! No I haven't given up on them, and no I haven't got rid of them! It might be a little while until the Anti Journal videos are back, as videos in general are a little harder to schedule in. But I'm hoping to get more photos of the other two to share on Instagram, so fingers crossed you'll see more of them soon. If you are from the UK I've left direct links to where you can buy them on Amazon, below:

So if you do fancy purchasing any then you can do so there.
If you do get any then don't forget to follow the Instagram accounts for each book, and share how you are getting on with them!

- Daisy X


*Please note, two of these books were sent to me free of charge, this does not sway my views and opinions. I will always share my honest views on the product and company. I'm a big fan of all of these books. The authors are brilliant, and I would most definitely recommend them!

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  1. Hey Daisy! I am totally loving these books and I have a suggestion. Could you make videos when you colour in the Book of Calm Colouring? It's like a smash book session but instead your colouring. I though it'd be cool.

    xxx Ruby