Friday, 18 March 2016

Happy Mail For Masturah! March 2016

The other day I posted a video on some Happy Mail I created for my penpal Masturah!
I thought I'd share a few close up photo's, and talk a little bit about what I chose to use and why.
There is a full list of supplies in the description of the video I posted, so I'll leave that video at the bottom of the blogpost if you want to find the products I used.
As usual I picked out some card stock that I liked and used that to create a colour scheme. Once I'd figured out the sort of colours I wanted to go with I then picked out some washi tapes, and other bits and pieces I wanted to use.
I find this is the easiest way to start as it gets you thinking about what colours look good, and sparks ideas for pockets & goodies too! I've found that a good way to finish a piece of happy mail is by using some twine. Quite literally tying things up in a neat bow really does work!

I've been stapling a lot of the pockets onto the happy mail recently, as I find this a really simple and strong way to create them. Especially as a majority of the happy mail I've been sending has been sent abroad, so the strength really helps. Of course washi tape works just as well, but the stickiness can vary depending on the brand and style, and after being bumped about in the postal system you don't know how it will be when your penpal receives it!
As far as the goodies I included go, I decided to send one of my new Travelling Postcards with this happy mail (you can find out more about those here), I added some stickers in the pocket on the left and some sticky notes, and die cuts in the middle pocket. On the right I used one of the notecards from Fancy Paperie, and wrote my mail tag on it.
I didn't get a photo of the pocket for the actual letter (well done Daisy haha, but it's already been sent now!) but you'll be able to see in the video when I'm putting it together.
I did manage to use up almost all of the 'blank' space on the card, fingers crossed my penpal will like it!

Though it looks like there is a lot going on, this is a very simple style of happy mail. I could have added a lot more, but I was very aware that it was being sent outside of the UK, so in order to keep postage costs down, I tried to go with minimal decoration and instead pack it full of goodies.
It's definitely something to consider as I'm pretty sure this cost me around the £4 mark to send?
I don't think happy mail has to be super busy to look good. Sometime you just need a nice colour scheme going on and it will look just as fun!
You can watch the video below to see how I put it together, and don't forget to check the description for a full list of supplies used!

- Daisy X


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