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Kikki-k Goodies | March 2016

I'm sure a lot of you have already seen the video I did on my new Wellness Planner from Kikki-k. But I wanted to put together a little blogpost sharing not just the planner, but also the other things I got on my trip to Kikki-k a couple of weeks ago.
I've shared them briefly on videos, it's tricky to show details on there though. I bought three things from Kikki-k, the Wellness Planner, a notepad and a pen from their new cat collection!

I did hold back from buying the whole shop, I thought three things wasn't tooo much of a splurge.
Plus I did try to get in the mindset of 'only buy things you know you can use, not just because they are pretty'. So a pen, a notepad and a pretty planner... I got 2 out of 3 with that mindset, I think I did well. If you haven't been to any of the Kikki-k stores in London yet, then definitely go and have a nosey! You can most definitely make a stationery shopping day trip in London as there's stationery shops dotted all over the place.

As I said before the pen I got was from the new cat collection. But not being the biggest cat fan (they are cute and everything but I don't go gah gah for them), I went for something that didn't have cats on. I love the Kikki-k pens, I have a few already! They are very smooth to write with and the perfect size for most planner loops. The design on the barrel was just different trees with pop's of mint and peach dotted about! Simple but fun, my favourite sort of design!

The notepad I bought isn't just a plain old notepad (I have like 10 of those so that would have been silly y'no....), it has beautifully patterned pages!
There's a mixture of lined, gridded and plain paper, but they all have super cute decoration on them. Above is just one of the 20 different designs throughout the notepad (there's 120 pages). The versatility of a notepad like this is what made me buy it. The size of it is brilliant, it's not quite A5, but it's not A6 either .. It's somewhere in between. I know I will for sure be using this for journaling, the pages easily come out so I can use them as background paper (I always prefer using paper rather than card stock in my journals as I don't like to bulk them out too much). They would also be perfect for writing letters on, and you could trim them to go into personal or pocket sized planners.

The planner I got is the Wellness Planner, it's a planner which is based on improving your wellbeing. I've done a whole video flipping through all the inserts, so if you want to know exactly what's inside then make sure to watch that (I'll leave it at the bottom of this blogpost). Like the yellow & pink planners by Kikki-k, this one is also textured. I quite like the textured planners as they tend to not show up scratches or marks as obviously, overall they just feel a lot more durable.

The rings and other metal parts on the planner are light gold! Which is my favourite type of gold. 
The foiling on all the dividers also matches this, which just works so well. The rings on the planner were perfect, and I did get to check them in store before purchasing. This is one of the perks of buying in store, just ask one of the shop assistants if you can open it up and take a look at the rings, they will be fine with it. It's much better checking there, than getting home and finding you have a dodgey set of rings.

I was debating whether to make my own dividers for this planner, but for the first time ever I'm going to have a go at using the dividers it came with. The gold foiling just matches so well with the planner and I feel like it'd be a shame not to use them. As I'm going to be trying out all the inserts, and it'll be totally new ground for me (I've not used any inserts like this before). It just makes sense to keep things simple and stick with what it comes with, then alter as I need to in the future!

One of the things that I wish they did in all the planners, was have an extra 'fun' sticker sheet. All planners come with the tab and banner stickers for you to use. But this one had a really cute sheet of inspirational stickers! It's just a little extra perk to this planner. 

I hope you enjoyed having a closer look at the goodies I picked up in London the other week, when I visited the Kikki-k store!
If you want to see the video I did on the Wellness Planner then you can watch that here:

You can find direct links to all the products here:

Let me know if you have any questions!

- Daisy X


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