Sunday, 6 March 2016

Paperchase Blogger Event #BCBoutique, March 2016!

Much like my last Paperchase blogger event blogpost, I have a lot of photo's to share with you! (not quite as many as last time, but a good handful) You can't not be a little snap happy in such an amazing shop, but I've narrowed it down to my favourite shots.
I didn't get many photos of the demo & workshop as I was recording a lot of footage of them instead, so if you want to see what we actually got up to during the event then make sure to watch the video, which will be at the bottom of this blogpost!

The event was primarily to show the new #BCBoutique collections, they had a new party range, along with lots of new products from other brands that they now stock!
The displays were all beautiful, and they had a wall of sooo many beautiful products.
They now stock the bow clips from American Crafts (definitely something to grab if you don't want to spend a ton on the original Kate Spade ones, BUT they did also have a lot of Kate Spade products available too so if you did fancy splashing out a little then you can do!), and it was also nice to see lots of products there too!

(The new party stock they had, it definitely made me what to host a party!)

(This design has been about a little while but I've only seen odd things from it, as my local Paperchase is very small, but in the Tottenham Court Road store they had a lot more!)

(The wall of 'omg so pretty I need it all!' In other words lots of American Crafts goodies that are hard to find in the UK!)

(These little pegs were really cute. They are super dinky too so would probably work well on a scrapbook page)

(American Crafts Paperclips, I love that they've got lots of different designs available!)

(Some of the new American Crafts Sticky notes)

(Notebooks that I really 'need' but don't... Really tempted to grab the blue one next time in store though haha!)

(Moooooore notebooks! But you can't really go wrong with pretty notebooks right? You'll eventually find a use for them!)

(Love love loving the mixture of wood & copper!)

(I spotted lots of new branded Washi Tapes)

(Talking Tables  Demo Setup)

This is the third Paperchase Blogger Event I have been too and they always manage to pack a lot into the couple of hours we have there. I seem to come back from each event with a new skill to try out, and I love finding out about the new stock they are getting in. (It gives me a chance to prepare my bank balance haha!) 
This event was in the evening this time, where as the last one I went to was in the afternoon. I kind of preferred the afternoon event just because there was more time to chat, and take photos afterwards. Seeing as this one ended quite late I had to rush of to catch my train home.

We did all receive a goody bag which contained a few things from the new collections along with some other lovely stationery goodies, and also not forgetting the planner we got to personalise! (Which I have now fully moved into, the design never stood out to me when it was first released, but it has definitely grown on me since getting the chance to hold it and play around with it!)
The goody bags are always a lovely little extra, it definitely made up for not having a huge amount of time to look around the shop before the event finished.

Of course I got to hang out with Anna and Chloe again, which was super lovely! Seeing as the evening was so jam packed there wasn't a ton of time to take selfies, but I'm very glad Anna managed to snap one!! These ladies were a couple of the first people subscribed to in the crafty community on YouTube, so it's so great to be able to go to these events and hang out with them!
What's better than crafting with two of your craftiest friends, in one of the craftiest places ever?!

So if you are in London definitely pop into the Tottenham Court Road store (I'd recommend going to Goodge Street tube station though as you will come out almost directly in front of the Paperchase store), as they will have everything available that has been featured here. Other smaller stores may not have everything you've seen here, but it's definitely worth looking in your local store either way!

If you want to watch the video I did about the event then you can do so below:

Thank you so much to the Paperchase team for the invite, and for putting on another brilliant event!

- Daisy X


*Please note, some of the items featured in this blogpost were gifted to me at the event, but all views and opinions are 100% my own. Nothing is scripted, nor have I been told to say anything.


  1. This event looks so awesome! I love the sound of the planner workshop, and the paperchase planners are so pretty. The gift bag that you got from the event was great :) I really want one of those pineapple cups and the owl sticky notes! It's also fantastic that paperchase has stocked lots of American craft products. I wish I lived near London so I could visit the paperchase on tottenham court road!

  2. Oh wow, it looks amazing, wish i could go to one of their events =]

  3. Wow I really liked this event! The notebooks are very tempting >O< haha. Glad you had fun!

  4. I've just been talking to your mum :) that's how I found your blog and, seeing this, I don't know if I am glad or not with all of that lovely stationary! I will have to lock my purse away I think hehe.