Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Paperchase Blogger Event, Journaling Pages

After going to the Paperchase Blogger Event at the start of the month, I of course had to do a bit of journaling about the day. This is how the double page spread in my Lyra & Co Lyradori turned out!

So the colour scheme I went with was inspired by the photo of my yellow converse, and my train ticket. I got out my watercolours and whacked down some yellow & orange in the background. On the right hand page I stuck down some of the fruit tape I'd bought from Paperchase about a month ago, because the colours on it were very warm, so it fit with the other colours very well. I got my photo's printed, and gathered together all the things I wanted to include on the spread. Then I figured out where I was going to place things. This is sometimes the hardest part, so if you are struggling, don't panic! I still do too sometimes, just stick with it!

At the top I decided to stick the photo of me, Anna & Chloe. I used some different tapes to help frame the photo (Yellow Star Washi Tape & Thin Gold Glitter Tape, from Cloudy Cow). I also used some grid sticky notes from a set I'd got from HEMA. The 'Hello Friend' sticker was from a set I'd gotten ages ago but I don't remember where from, and the Camera & Heart stickers were from a Simple Stories Carpe Diem sheet.

I was debating whether to stick down my train ticket, or make it into a flap on the page. Whilst I was trying to decide I paper clipped it to the page to keep it in place, and ended up just really liking the look of it. I think it helped that the paper clip was shaped, so it made it look like it was meant to be there, rather that just like I'd pegged it there temporarily. I've found a new love for using Paper Clips in my journal, these heart ones are by American Crafts & I got them from Paperchase.
I used some Yellow alphabet stickers by Doodle Bug Design Inc, and chose to title the page at the bottom instead of the top.

As I had printed off quite a few photo's from the day, I decided to add in a journaling card as a flap and then stuck on some photos. I rounded some of the corners so it made them fit in with the shape of the card a little better. I added another heart paper clip at the bottom to hold one of the spare photos I had onto the other side, which wasn't stuck down. On this side of the flap though, it just looks pretty!

At the bottom of the page I added the words 'blogger event' in some of my favourite typewriter style alphabet stickers, from Hobbycraft. Along with the date of the event and the date I created this page. To fill in the blank space I decided to stick down a heart sticker from one of the Simple Stories sticker sheets. Hearts and other generic 'pretty' shape stickers like that are very handy to have in your stash for times like this, when you just want to fill in a gap on a page without something too distracting.

Underneath the flap I have a lot of journaling, along with the spare photo I had paper clipped onto the inside of the flap. I have the tag from the Pineapple cup I got in my goody bag which I stapled to the top of the page, and then covered the staples with some gold glitter tape and some washi tape from Freckled Fawn which says 'remember today'. The 'MAR' circle is plastic so is slightly transparent, I just stapled that down in the corner. Then I added a couple of stickers at the top of the journaling section.

I'm very happy with how it all came together! If you are ever struggling with figuring out a colour scheme to go with, take a look at the photo's you are going to include on a page and see if you can pick out some colours from those.

- Daisy X


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  1. So glad you had such a great time and I must say for all the wzcking down of thing your pages turned out wonderful:) thankm you

  2. So glad you had such a great time and I must say for all the wzcking down of thing your pages turned out wonderful:) thankm you

  3. I like you style putting sticker from your planner and it useful to my stuff in Sign Manchester. Thank you just keep sharing