Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Reset Girl Sticker Haul | March 2016

A couple of weeks ago The Reset Girl had a big sale on her stickers! There was 40% off plus free worldwide shipping! Soooooo I went for it. I'm pretty sure I only ended up spending £9 something for everything you see in this post. It was a great chance to try out these beautiful stickers I'd seen about on Instagram, and I'm very tempted to go back for more.

Something I'd always known about The Reset Girl, is that her branding is absolutely beautiful. Everything ties in nicely with one another, the website, packaging and products, everything is just so pretty!
You guys know me, and you know I love colour. So it's safe to say I'll be keeping a lot of the packaging to smashbook and reuse! I'll leave links to all of The Reset Girl's social media and shop at the bottom of this blogpost.

So the first thing I wanted to share with you was the freebies! Everyone loves a freebie!
There was a postcard which had a little thank you, and her links on. There was then a blank postcard with 'Planners gotta plan' on it (safe to say I'll be hoarding this for a while haha!), there was a smaller card with 'oxoxoxoxox etc.' on it, which is about the size of a journaling card and I will most likely be using it in my journal. Next was a sample sticker sheet which had all the different colours from all of her sticker collections on, they are little square stickers so I'm sure I'll easily find a use for those, and last of all there was a fortune teller fish! Just a little bit of fun added in there.

When I was choosing stickers, I went with journaling in mind. I use my journals much more creatively compared to my planners. Most of the stickers I chose were in the 'Free Spirit' collection, which I was definitely drawn to thanks to the colours! The 'today' banners are something that can be used as a little extra on a journaling page. Sometimes I don't always know what to caption a photo with, or I don't have a sticker which says the 'right' thing, so a today sticker will always fill that gap. I then got these little motivational flag stickers, I love what they all say. I feel like they are very reflective phrases, and will be nice little reminders to add to a page.

Again the sheet on the left has lots of motivational phrases on it, but there's also a few planning stickers there. Of course I'm unlikely to use them for planning, but I'm pretty sure I will find a use for them on my other projects. I just thought it would be nice to have a few different shapes to choose from though which is why I went for this sheet.
These other 'today' banners are from the 'Cutie' collection. I thought I'd end up using the 'today' stickers quite a lot, so it would be best to get some more in a different style. I definitely prefer the fonts used on the 'free spirit' collection though, which is why I only got one sheet from the 'cutie' collection.

This was the last sheet I bought, and it was the only one which was matt, the rest were all glossy. I'm not really sure why, I doesn't really make any difference to me but it might be something to double check when you are making a purchase, as I didn't actually realise until they arrived.
I couldn't really pass this sheet up, I absolutely love stickers like this with fun phrases on. They are perfect to use on a page, next to a photo, or at the end of a block of writing to sum things up. 

Overall I'm very impressed with these stickers, and all the effort that's gone into the packaging.
I think one of the best things about The Reset Girl's shop is, if you are purchasing just stickers, then the shipping is free! No matter where you are from.
If you add anything else other than stickers to your cart though, the minimum shipping to the UK is $13.50.

You can find The Reset Girl on her various social media below:

So yes! I hope you liked seeing what I got, I'm excited to use these in my journals and on my projects. I can definitely recommend them, I received excellent service, and the sticker quality is brilliant!

- Daisy X



  1. Oops! Did you mean to cover your address in that second pic?

    1. THANK YOU!! Haha, I thought I'd uploaded the blurred one, gaah I'm tired. All fixed now, thanks for pointing it out! X